Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's Not Fair!

Hi Beauties!
Long time no post! Hope everything is well with you guys. I've been kind of depressed and couldn't eat, sleep and post due to my home buying nightmare. It's not finished still and I don't know what to think at this moment.
The property I'm buying is 1.5 miles away from the beach and it's a townhouse style condo, I can't possibly afford a house near ocean. So, one of the homeowners (not the unit I'm buying) did some remodeling without the condo Association approval and the association is suing him. BECAUSE of this Bank Of America is refusing to give me a loan. Everything from my side was perfect and because of someone else's mistake I can't get a loan??? It is so hard to comprehend but I guess banks are getting super strict, so strict that it even doesn't make any sense!
So, if you're thinking to buy a condo, make sure to find out if there's any lawsuits as banks get nervous about it.

On the good note, I've finished with my 20 Pan Project! It benefited me in many ways:
  • Cleared my clutter making space for new items
  • Encouraged me to use up the products. I used to go to bed without applying body lotion or hand cream while I've had dozen products laying around.
  • Saved me $500-$800 at least. After discovering Youtube and Beauty Blogs my spending on beauty products and make ups was getting out of control. I haven't bought anything for 2 months
  • No more uncontrollable urge to shop
Product #16
Olay Age Defying In-Shower Body Lotion
It saves time, moisturizes well, gives nice golden shimmer and easy to use. Just smooth over and rinse in shower.
Cons: The scent is very strong and leaves your shower slippery.

Product #17
Aussie 3 min Miracle Hair Mask.
So affordable at $3.99 performs as well as expensive hair treatments. Smart packaging, just squeeze needed amount, no caps no mess. Leaves my hair noticeably smoother and manageable with less frizz. Not a big fan of it's scent.

Product #18
Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector $39.50
It claims to erase discoloration and dark spots. Since I'm exposed to sun everyday of the year I have tons of sun damages. Unfortunately, I didn't see any change with this product. Needs 4-5 pumps to cover my face, so you run out of it quickly.

Product #19
Shiseido Hydro-Nourishing Softener
I just can't live without it. Saturated in cotton pad it cleans out left over dirt and prepares my skin for next steps of skincare regime.

Product #20
Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash
Great in the morning when you don't need a cleanser for removing your make up. Removes overnight oil and dirt and micro beads polishes your skin preparing it for perfect make up. I did a detailed review HERE.
This project was easier than I expected! Yay!

Thanks Beauties for reading!
Stay Beautiful!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lost 6 lbs With This and 20 Pan project Update

Hi, Beauties!
I used to be a girl who wouldn't gain an ounce no matter how much I ate.....looong time ago....
Three years ago I've turned to a gal who has to work out constantly to maintain the weight.
Usually I walk (won't lie by saying that I run) 5 days a week up the Mt. Hollywood and do muscle toning exercises in the evening. All this hard work just maintained my weight at 123 lbs. If I stop walking my weight would easily go up to 129 lbs in a week.
But now I'm 117 lbs and maintaining for a month. It's a Miracle! WHY? Cuz I haven't even walked nor worked out last month due to the house hunting!
My diet is in disorder due to the stress and I'm even eating more.

Only GOOD thing I did for myself last month was: I replaced coffee with Green Tea.
I read somewhere that green tea makes the waist tiny and I was sold. I mean, we all heard so many good things about green tea before but idea about tiny waist sounded way more appealing and encouraging!
So now I'm a green tea addict and my favorite is Jasmine Green Tea. I drink 4-5 cups a day. I've added a cup of Black Tea a day after hearing that it prevents breast cancer.
The green tea is really helping with my waist by burning my ugly tummy fat! :)
I'm positive that my new addiction played an important role in my weight loss. So ladies, give it a try. You have nothing to lose (other than inches from your waist ) but have so much to gain (health and beauty wise)!

Now on to my 20 Pan Project Update! Loving this project! It made me save so much money. I used to spend $150-$400 a month on beauty products and I haven't spent a penny since I've started this project in June.

Product #13
Shisedo Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 42 PA +++

My HG Foundation! I'm not panicking cuz I have a back up. I did a review on it HERE

Product #14
Victoria's Secret So Sexy Shampoo & Conditioner

It smells nice and sexy. Decent shampoo. I couldn't wait to finish it so I can start my Tsubaki Shampoo that I hauled not long ago.

Product #15
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Body Glimmer Swirl Cream in Honey Do

I loved its realistic honey dew scent. Like the subtle glimmer (not shimmer) of it on my arms and legs.
5 More products to go! It was easier than I expected!

Thanks Beauties for reading!
Stay Beautiful!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quick Update: Some Suggestions on Home Buying

Hi Beauties,
I hope you're doing fabulous!
I've found 3 white hairs today and freaking out! hahaha I know it's because of all the stress of home buying. Ladies, be prepared and learn from some of my mistakes! :)
Last Wednesday was my home inspection day and I've never expected anything bad. However, my inspector guy has detected moisture issues, like possible water leak, cuz his moisture meter showed way more than normal level of moisture in baseboards (Standard is 6% of moisture, acceptable maximum moisture 12%, but the measurement at my home was 16-18% ) He's also discovered possible mold growth in couple places. (again because of the moisture)
Lessons I've learned so far:
1) Don't hesitate to pay for house inspection! It might be the best money you've ever spent! ($250-$500)
2) Interview many many again many Realtors and choose the best one who'd work for your best interest! WHY?
The inspector guy recommended more invasive inspection that only water specialists can do to determine the source of the moisture issues. Ok! So who pays for that? I've paid for my general inspection and I wanted to request the seller to pay for more invasive inspection but my realtor who supposed to work for my best interest said that I have to pay for it. I said I don't want to pay for it. Good thing that the sellers agent was present at the inspection.
You won't believe what my agent said! I quote, she said, "Maybe we'll leave the place with open windows for couple days so the moisture level will go down and so the seller won't have to pay for the extra inspection"
At that moment I had to put her on her place. I had to tell her that she's not the sellers agent and it's not her obligation to look after the sellers best interest but the buyers best interest. My best interest was to learn the source of the problem and fix it so it wouldn't happen again. So I had to talk directly to the sellers agent to request the seller to pay for more invasive inspection and pay for correction of the problems. Guess what? The seller agreed to pay for extensive inspection and correct all the problems! However the sellers agent wanted to convince me that it was normal because the property was near the beach but my inspector said it wouldn't justify the moisture level.
Before that my realtor kind of argued with me saying and I quote, " Well, usually sellers say NO!"
I just said to her "Let's see what the seller says!"
So the lesson is: NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY will fully work for your best interest other THAN YOU!!! You're the ONLY ONE who'll really protect yourself!
After that, my agent said: "OK, now I realize that it's possible!" I just wanted to pull all my hair off because she said that she has 20 years of experience yet she's just learning about this kind of negotiation??? So ladies, be VERY VERY CAREFUL who you choose for your agent!
It was evident that initially they saw me as a young Asian girl who is so innocent and sweet but NOW they all know that I can kick their asses and they can't mess with me! Business is a business! Home buying is not an exception! (And I have to mention that I'm not even disclosing even more embarrassing facts about them!)
So ladies, be tough and stand your ground! Do your home works and researches so you can kick some incompetent asses in the future, cuz there're plenty of them! I thought I'd never go wrong with Century 21 but I was wrong! I guess I've stuck with the bad apple! Hahaha!
Thanks for reading Beauties!
Stay Beautiful!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sheet Mask Relaxation and 20 Pan Project Update

Hi Beauties,
It's been a week since my last post. Buying a home is one of the biggest events of ones life. Therefore it's exciting, challenging, upsetting, rewarding, stressful, blissful, confusing, educational and beyond....
So far escrow is going smooth. We've ordered appraisal and scheduled the inspection for Tuesday. But one thing is bugging me.... Another property I really really liked became available and here I am in the middle of the escrow wanting different house. I never thought that I would be in this kind of situation as I thought I was a very decisive person. Now I just can't decide, haha
Finally, yesterday I had a chance to put a sheet mask and relax.

After I put the sheet mask I like to saturate a cotton pad with left over liquid and...
...apply it on my neck. I think it helps my wrinkly neck a bit.

I love to spray my pillow with Aromatherapy Mists before I lay down with my mask.
My absolute favorite: Bath and Body Works Lavender Chamomile Pillow Mist
I'm resting my nails too. No polish during weekends! Do you see the yellowing on my nail? That's the downside of nail polishes :(

Now let's move on to my 20 Pan Project Update.
You should try this, ladies! It's not hard as Makeup Pan projects. It's easy and good for your beauty.
I have many lotions and creams laying here and there and still used to buy more. What's worse is that I wasn't using them on regular basis. Sometimes I was too lazy to put a body lotion before bed.
This project is encouraging and pushing me to use the products I have and it ultimately benefits me.
Product #7
Victoria's Secret Body Butter in Love Spell
My all time favorite scent
Great to use after bath or shower when your skin is warm and moist. The butter just melts and sinks in. Most of the time you can buy on sales like 5for $30 or 7for $35

Product #8
VS Body Scrub in Love Spell
It's a sugar scrub and lathers up very well. I love it for its scent.

Product #9
VS Beauty Rush in Honey Do
Body Drink Lotion
Love the Honey Dew scent. So sweet and realistic. I like to use it before sleep as my bedtime snack. Very light and moisturizing lotion.

Product #10 Shiseido White Lucent Whitening Eye Treatment
I bought it in hopes for reducing my dark sun spots around my eyes cause the claim:
Specially developed with Shiseido's own Spot Deacti Complex, this lightweight cream addresses both melanin formation and poor local microcirculation, two major causes of dark circles. The Dark Circle Targeting Complex reduces melanin and diminishes the appearance of melanin pigments.

BUT unfortunately it didn't do anything for me. I haven't noticed the slightest change. This is the only product from Shiseido that let me down.

De-luxe Foaming Body Scrub
in Rosemary Mint
Nice minty scent, good foaming, Apricot seeds really work hard on rough spots
Cheap $6 for 500 ml

Product# 12
Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist SPF 70
Nice cooling feel as you apply. I love it except for its strong scent. Kind of masculine scent so strong that competes with my perfume and actually wins over and everybody near me would think that I have a bad taste in fragrance, hahaha

Thank you beauties for reading!
Stay beautiful!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Update and Mending Broken Powder Makeup

Hi, Beauties!
How you've been?
Long time no post, I know! Last few days were hectic! Some of you might know that I'm trying to buy a home and it's nothing close to a piece of cake, I tell you.
I thought, since the market is slow it would be much easier but every home I liked had multiple offers and they're getting sold for more than their listing price. My realtor says that its typical during summer.
So, finally I've received a counter offer to my offer and I had to negotiate and sent counter counter offer which has been accepted today. That's why I'm feeling a little more relaxed and checking your blogs out ladies! :)
My realtor said that the hardest part is yet to come when we open escrow on Monday. :(
Now, on to the beauty related stuff.
A while ago I read a How to post on Katrina Is The Princess blog on how to repair your broken powder makeup and decided to mend my most favorite MAC blush in Joyous (LE)
My poor blush... I broke it while depotting it...:(
Now thanks to gorgeous Katrina I was able to make it all better!
She said Rubbing Alcohol is OK and you'll need a spoon... that's all..
So, I've added 1/2 tablespoon of alcohol on my blush...
It turns to a paste which you can shape however you want...

....and VOILA!
Now we have to wait for the alcohol to evaporate and blush to dry. By next day it's ready to use! Yay! I'm so happy that my favorite blush is in one piece!
Thanks Beauties for reading!

Stay Beautiful!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Korean SPA Full Body Scrub, NOTD

Hi Beauties,
If you haven't been to Korean SPA and haven't tried their Full Body Scrub you should definitely try it. But it's not for ladies who are body shy because you have to be butt naked.
Let me take you through it:
It costs around $50
They'll give you wrist band with the number and key to the locker. You leave all the earthy stuff in there and enter to shower area to clean yourself. You'll find shampoo, conditioner and soap next to every shower.
Then you can use the steam rooms, sauna or dip yourself in hot tea tub till your number is yelled in Korean and English by a lady in black bra and granny.
She'll take you to side area with plastic covered tables. You get on it and let her do the job. I have to say it's totally different from other relaxing and pampering atmosphere spas. It's done raw. You just have to go with it. The result is amazing!
So the lady in black granny will start scrubbing you from your earlobes to your toes without leaving an inch. You won't believe what will come out of you! Big gray balls of dead skin will surround you. You'll be happy knowing that you got rid of them.
She'll rinse you, soap you and give you massage on your back and legs. It kind of hurts but we need it.
Then she'll sit you up and put face cleanser on your palms so you wash your face. After that she'll ask you to go to shower to rinse yourself clean. That time you'll feel your hands sliding off of your skin because it's super smooth.
When you come back to the table she'll cover your body with what I believe honey milk and put freshly made cucumber mask on your face. Then she'll wash your hair and give a head massage at the same time.
After that she'll rinse off everything and apply lotion on your body and you good to go but nowhere near the water.
Wow, feeling good as new you can go and sleep on heated floor room or watch TV or go through magazines while drinking coffee and having some fruit snacks they have in there.
The whole scrubbing thing takes around 1,5-2 hours and of course you can sleep as long as you want after that.
I'm hooked and try to go once a month for this scrub. The ladies work so hard and I think it should be more expensive but you leave them good tip with provided envelope and it's all good!
So ladies if you have Korean community nearby you'll find Korean SPA for sure and the procedure is very much standard. I've been to 3 different ones and it all was pretty much the same.

Between my scrubs I try to maintain my body skin without dead ones with this sponge.
Buf-Puf Body Sponge
Around $6
developed by 3M
I use it everyday and don't feel clean unless I use it. It works with any shower gel and foams them good. White side is for whole body and the blue side is for rough spots. You can buy online or at Walmart and Target I hope.
If you won't squeeze it it'll last you a long time. I just flick it to get rid of water after use.

Lastly, NOFD: Zoya in Barbie. Very pretty pink!
Zoya in Barbie

Thank you beauties for reading!
Stay Bautiful!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Black and Teal Nail Design (Requested)

Hi Beauties,
I've received a request to do Black and Teal Nail design long ago and finally came up with something! Hope you'll like it! :)
My hand looks odd...but I was just playing with my pearl pendant:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NOTD and 20 Pan Project Update

Hi Beauties!
Here's a very pretty nail polish for summer if you are uncomfortable with bright and neon polishes which are so hot right now. Or if you're bored from modest "work appropriate" polishes and want to go a little bit bolder then try opaque polishes like this one.
First, I saw it on my bank teller girl's fingers and it looked gorgeous on her. I complimented on her nails and she was so sweet to tell me the name of the polish. Orly in "Kiss The Bride" ($5.99 at Sally's)
She said that she looked for this kind of color for months and finally found the perfect one.
2 coats (Very opaque cream finish)
This picture isn't doing any justice. I was afraid that it would make my now 2-3 shades darker hands look even darker but it did the opposite. It actually made them look lighter although this picture looks different.
It's not plain white. It's the prettiest, lightest light pink.
Compared to the plain white paper
I think this picture shows more realistic color of it
I really like it!
Now, on to my 20 Pan Project Update. For those who don't know about it, it's basically my commitment to finish any 20 beauty related products before buying new products.
From my just finished Feng Shui book I've learned that we, human beings hoard too much things we don't need and use yet still keep buying. That creates clutter which affects every aspect of our lives. If we really need to buy something then we need to make space for new one. So I'm making space for new products. It's gonna be FUN to shop after I finish the project!
As some of you know Lulu and Edna already finished their 20 Pan Project. Congratulations girls! Awesome job!

So I've finished thus far:

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Warm Vanilla Sugar
It has a very sweet scent as you can imagine from its name. Good during winter time to feel the comfort of it. Also I use it before I go to bed for my night time snack. Body looses it's moisture during night so we have to put body lotion before sleeping.

Shiseido Aqualabel Moist Emulsion
Around $30 (130 ml)
Wanted to try drugstore brand of Shiseido skin care item and it worked good. I used it for daytime moisturizer under my makeup. I can't stand heavy creamy texture on my skin and never use day creams. I use emulsions for its liquidy light texture. This one has very light scent and didn't break me out at all. Maybe I'll try its whitening one next time.
True Blue SPA Foot Cream
It was a life saver, or rather foot saver for me during times when I spend a whole day on my feet (shopping) I come home with burning, swollen feet or aching pinched toes and apply this cream and its Eucalyptus Extract cools down my feet and erases the pain. Also the Shea butter in it moisturizes and smooths rough spots.
Evian Mineral Water Spray
It moisturizes upper layers of the skin and refreshes during sticky hot summer time or in dry office and airplanes. Since it's just a pure water it's safe to spray all over your face without worrying about the eye and lip area.
Thanks Beauties for reading!
Stay Beautiful!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Perfect Bra

Hi, Beauties!
I just finished reading a Feng Shui book and wanted to share something with you ladies. I read that it's bad to wear a bra with underwire as it may be one of the causes of breast cancer. The author, Karen Kingston, says that everything has energy and metal wires act as antenna to conduct harmful electromagnetic fields from computers and TV set.
She also mentions that "In countries where women have only recently began wearing bras, breast cancer is only now becoming known".
Now, I'm thinking to toss my underwire bras. They were uncomfortable anyways!
I own most of Victoria's Secret bras and love just one which I strongly recommend to every one!
It's Very Sexy Wireless Push Up Bra!

Now I'm thinking to get every color from this bra. You won't compromise ANYTHING with this one.
  • Supportive
  • Perfect cup shape- you know how some bras have weird cup shapes: too pointy sharp, too saggy, too far, too close and so on
  • The cut is perfect. Not too high so whenever you want to look sexy and wear top with cleavage the bra wouldn't show up
  • Satin, so it's smooth under tight clothes, no bumps and texture
  • Wireless
  • Infinity Edge eliminates visible lines under clothes
  • Price $45 Now on Sale $33.50
But I just got one for $19.99 at the store. It was sage color. The other colors like black and nude weren't on sale at all. I guess it depends on colors.
Since they are having semi annual sale I also got me silk summer robe:
It was already on sale for $35 but they've had additional 50% off on sleepwear so I got it for around $18. Yay! Silk kimono style robe for $18??? It's light as a feather and feels so good on my skin. I feel like a butterfly!
So, ladies please consider wireless bras and have a great LOOONG Holiday Weekend!
Stay Beautiful!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Foundation Tag, Awards, NARS Loose Powder Review

Hi, Beauties!
I've been tagged long ago by Hottie Katrina M to do a post on products used to create my canvas such as foundations, concealers and powders. She has amazing makeup skill and I love her hair, long, healthy and shiny! Check her blog out, it's very entertaining!
I used to be a Tinted Moisturizer Girl cuz I couldn't stand heavy feel of liquid foundations and flat matte look of powder foundations.
Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer in Nude ($42) was good for a while till I felt I needed more coverage.
Since I live in So Cal, sun damage is inevitable: trip to beaches, driving for about 2 hours a day, sitting in a traffic jam with sun in your face and so on... hahaha!

Left to Right: My HG Shiseido, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light and Mineral BB Cream

As some of you know my Holly Grail foundation is Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 42 PA +++
My shade is Sp 50
I did a detailed review HERE and would recommend to everyone to give it a chance!

  • Now on to Estee Lauder Double Wear Light SPF 10 in Intensity 2
I used to use it before I found my Shiseido.
This is that perfect medium between tinted moisturizer and liquid foundation. Tinted moisturizer was too light of a coverage but on the other hand liquid foundation was too heavy for me. This one is light with decent coverage and great staying power.
It didn't break me out and doesn't cake on my combination skin.
Natural and dewy finish.
Foundation shades are so tricky! Don't you think looking at the picture? Even though it looks darker it still a good match for my skin tone.
  • Mineral BB Cream SPF 15 Shade: Skin Beige
My mom gave me this b/c it works good for her. Well, she's lighter than me and has dry skin.
To me it felt very heavy, creamy and gives cakey finish. Also it was too light for my shade so I've mixed it with Everyday Minerals in Medium Tan to get a perfect match.
now, I just mix it with my finger and Voila...
You can customize your foundation shades like this...
I have to say that it has a very good coverage but because of the heavy feel and cakey finish I wouldn't recommend it.

Now on to concealers!
Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette in Hidden Agenda.
I thought I'd give it a shot since it's got Allure Editors Choice Award. You can see I already have dents. I like it. It works good for concealing my under eye darkness and redness on my cheeks.
It has neutral, green and salmon shades with setting powder. I mix the green and neutral ones for my redness and neutral and salmon for my under eye circles.
To the right is my Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Concealer:
I have it in 02 Medium. What I like about it most is that it stays all day till I remove it. The only concern is that it has a tendency to settle into fine lines and make them more noticeable. So if you don't have fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes it would be the perfect concealer.
I use it on my "not wrinkly" places, hahaha, like my eyebrows! WHAAAT? Yes, you've heard me me right! I have a bad tattoo on my brows! One of the the mistakes of my youth! hahaha...
This concealer totally conceals the ugly tattoo leaving me a perfect canvas to shape my brows the way I want. That's why I love it!
Now, the product that I'm most excited about sharing with you ladies!
My NARS Loose Powder in Eden! I'm doing this review for gorgeous Steph who asked me about my loose powder.
Here's why I can't live without it: All of the sudden I've noticed that more and more people start complimenting on my complexion: at work, banks, supermarkets and malls. They would ask what skin care products I use? So I'm thinking, "I haven't changed anything about my skincare and makeup aside adding this NARS loose powder" This is it! This powder is making my complexion look better!
So here goes the review:
Price- $34
Size- 1.5 oz/ 45g
Don't let the price discourage you! You're getting a lot of product for your money so I consider it cheap. It will last you a looong time.
It comes in 5 shades and the "Eden" is perfect for yellow undertone and medium skin tones.
It doesn't give much coverage and color thou.
I use it as a make up setter and it gives just an amazing satiny finish: not cakey, not matte just perfect polished finish.
Also, it controls the mid day shine on my t-zone. I apply in the morning and it keeps the shine away almost all day.
It's a must for summer!
It comes with a powder puff which I threw away cuz that didn't work for me. Instead I like to use a big powder brush to lightly dust over my face.
I'm in love! Never thought that loose powders make such difference in complexion.

To the right is my Shiseido Powdery Foundation SPF 15 in I-20 Natural Light Ivory
It's convenient to carry around in my purse for a touch up. But I rarely need a touch up when I have my Shiseido Liquid Foundation and NARS Loose powder on.
So ladies these are what I use for my canvas. Now I tag lovely ladies who gave me following Awards. Thank you, beautiful Christel and Twinsouls for these awards! I'm honored!

Thank you cutie Chomfifi and Sassy Jadore for this wonderful award:
Thank you sweet Krystal for Kreativ Blog award:

You guys are AWESOME!
Stay Beautiful!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Luluchinadoll's love package and 20 Pan Project

Hi, Beauties!

I won cutie Lulu's Summer Giveaway Grand Prize! Please check her out! She has very informative product reviews and makes cute jewelry. She's got it all: cute, creative, sweet and talented!
I'm sooo happy the prizes are awesome!

Let's get right to it:
Her package was so cute and neat, had cute Hello Kitty and Star stickers around my address!
Look at all the goodies she's sent me! I'm a one lucky girl!
Thank you, sweetie! You're such a doll!
I just love her handwriting, so neat and perfect!
First, the cute stuff: The cutie mouse key chain! Did you notice the bells on its neck? They make such soothing sound! Hello Kitty stamp and band aids. How cute? And the adorable Hippo eraser with legs that move! CUTE!!!Now, on to yummy stuff! I love Pocky. It took me great patience to take picture before I ate it! To go Green Teas will come in handy at work! Thank you, hun!
OMG! Korres Body Scrub in Watermelon! I really needed some body scrub after my sunburn in Vegas! Can't wait to try it! Crabtree and Evelyn Peel of Mask! I'm trying it tonight! Lulu was so kind to write me the best way to use it. You're such a sweetheart! And my first Urban Decay Lip Gloss! Yay! I've tried it and love it!
The texture and feel is awesome, non sticky and smooth! Lot's of shimmer and sparkle! Thank you Lulu!
Last but not least, the thing I'm most excited about is her creation, Summer Bracelet!!! Oh, how much I love it! It has charms associated with summer: flip flops, Popsicle, sunhat, watermelon slice, ice cream, heart (as "Summer Love") and a cupcake!
It lifted my spirit up and made me wanna go and have all the fun I can have during summer! It brought me joy! BIG Thank you cutie Lulu! You're so creative and talented! I just adore the bracelet!
As some of you ladies know Lulu and Edna did 20 pan project. I wanted to join but they've already done with it, but they're gonna do the make up only 10 pan project soon.
The great thing about their 20 pan project was that it could be any products such as body, skin care or make up. It makes it more doable and motivating. So I'm following their 20 pan project to prepare and motivate myself for their real make up only 10 pan challenge!
I'm starting my 20 pan project with these 2 items:
My HG Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara: Keeps your curls up until you remove it! Read more
Shiseido Sun Protection Lotion For face And Body SPF 33 PA++
Liquidy texture feels so light especially for face. Love it! I'm not freaking out it's finished cuz I have a back up! Yay!
I'll be happy if someone would do it too!
Thank you again and again lovely Lulu! You're such a doll! Mwwwa!
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