Monday, April 20, 2009

Beauty Tip: Satin Pillow Case

Every morning I watch Regis and Kelly Show on ABC7. Well not really "watch", the program is in the background while I get ready to work. Besides, I adore Kelly Ripa, not only is she funny but also gorgeous and has beatiful skin and hair. Oh, I like her arms too.... Kelly Ripa's Ripped arms!!! (I should start working on my arms. Maybe tomorrow, which never comes! lol.. ) Anyways, she's been talking about her hair and about why we shouldn't wash our hair everyday kinda stuff.. I try not to as well but when Iwake up with that all beat up hair, I can't help myself not to wash it. So Kelly is saying that her hair stylist suggested her to sleep only on satin pillow cases which doesn't mess up the hair that much. She tried it and she really felt the difference. Another good thing about the satin pillow cases, she continues, it doesn't wrinkle your skin. That's IT! lately I could literally see pillow case fold track on my chicks and it was really bothering me. As my skin is loosing its elasticity, it gets very easy for anything to damage my skin. I know, I know we should sleep on our backs to prevent wrinkles! But it seems like I can't control myself while I'm sleeping, because ...well, I'm sleeping!!! With that said, I have to get one PRONTO! Update will follow after trial....

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