Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello and Goodbye!

Finally, after putting it out for so long I'm starting my blog! Yay! Kinda late, but hey! Better Later than Never! Right?
In the meantime, I'm saying Goodbye to my dark nail polishes as summer is approaching. Fun summer time, time for Fun Bright Colors! I'm expecting China Glaze polishes in the mail. I'll do some swatches and post pictures once I get them. Can't wait!

Goodbye my Lincoln Park After Dark! Two coats. I've really enjoyed it during winter.
But now it looks kind of dull and boring, so I've decided to juice it up a little bit. Here it is with some glitter. Now it's Lincoln Park Under The Stars!
It does really remind me of space...galaxy...universe... oh no no... don't even go there! (I'm telling myself)... cuz I know if I get started on topics like power of universe and such, I won't stop!!! I'll save it for later!

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