Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spontaneous Nails

Ever since I did China Glaze Haul I couldn't stop playing with them. My friend tells me that I look like a kid in a toy store. He's right! I FEEL like a kid in a toy store! ;)
Last couple days were record breaking HOT, here in LA. Temperature reached 100 degrees and I've heard that it broke 96 year-old-record! How about that?
Well, it certainly felt like summer and it was a perfect excuse to play with my bright polishes.
I have on Spontaneous with Secrect Peri-wink-le tips. This design came spontaneously just as the name of the polish, and after doing my nails I went out to take pictures of it.

That's when I found this beautiful flower. I had to take pictures of it.

Not only did I take picture of it but also took it home with meee.....heheheee...

The flower made my day, the day I made my first video ever. Check it out! Thank You!

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