Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun Saturday!

Hi, Beauties! I've had a fun day today at probably the newest mall in Los Angeles (about 1 year new ) Americana Mall.
Started with a lunch at Katsuya.
(Please excuse my Iphone cam)

Like their decor of oversized photos of subtle Geisha erotica, if you will

I've ordered their "Rock Shrimp Tempura Roll"
Their food and service was OK. Can't say it was great!

Then looked around a Farmers Market they've been having today and ...
Picked up a French Bread along with...

...the sweetest yellow cherry I've ever tried!

Window shopped at Tiffany & Co

Bought a cute summer dress from Calvin Klein's 50% off rack

Tried on some summer work pants but didn't fit me well (2 on left)

Saw movie "Up" in 3D and cried a little bit.
Great family cartoon with lots of messages that'll make you think...

Had a coffee at Barnes & Nobles while browsing comics
to get inspiration for Eki's Cosplay Contest.

At the end watched a band play and danced a bit.

P.S. Thank you, beauties for your suggestions on my giveaway! It's coming very soon!



  1. yumm cherries! and i love your new dress :D

  2. nom nom! I love japanese food!!


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