Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting Ready For Summer: Bikini

I just can't wait for Summer to come. I've already prepared my bikini. It's from Billabong and I love it cuz it's not just plain Zebra print. Colorful Tropical flower print adds fun and spice to it.
Look at the back! Isn't it FUN?

So, bikini is ready. Bikini body???? Nope!!! Gotta go work out! Now I don't feel like rushing Summer heat.
How about you Ladies, are your bodies Bikini Ready?


  1. i like your zebra print bikini! too bad i dont have a bikini body! LOL, i dont wear bikini! i wear those 1 piece but it's the showy kind!

  2. I should try one of those monokinis too.


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