Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting Ready For Summer: Fragrance

Usually, I like fresh, clean and aquatic scents during summer. However, after sampling Escada's Ocean Lounge, my addiction to fruity scents has started and I had to get all of them. There's something about Escada's fruity scents. They're sophisticated adult version of fruity scents, if I may.
No! They're not full size bottles!
I hope I almost pass them for full size perfumes. haha..
They are collector's edition miniatures. Bought from Sephora for $35.
They have somewhat similar scents. Just top notes are altered, such as Strawberry top note in Ocean Lounge but Blackberry top note in Moon Sparkle. I like the fact that strong fruity smell fades leaving nice soft vanilla-ish scent.
Got myself a Moon Sparkle Set.
Enjoying them so far but I get tired of perfumes real fast. I have a commitment issue with them. I always think: What's out there? Am I missing out on more beautiful fragrances? and such. So please share with me your favorite summer fragrances, ladies!


  1. wow i guess you really like escada! i actually dont own any of their perfumes but ill sniff it later when i get a chance :)

  2. Gosh that is alot of Escada!!

    I am a sucker for lemony scents, with a little woodiness and floral top notes. Sort of clean smelling but not too sweet.


    Have you noticed how one thing can smell utterly different on different people.

  3. OMGGG i lovee the escadas u usually collect them every year! (well minus the years that smell too much like grapefruit. LOL)

    sexy grafitti and rockin rio are my favesss!


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