Monday, May 11, 2009

How Does NYC Smell In Summer?

If someone knows the scent of NYC in Summer, please let me know. I fell in love with The City when I visited during new year. Yeah it was crazy and New Yorkers say that it's the worst time to visit.
Well at least I know how The City smells during winter! 212 Carolina Herrera!
The name 212 is after the Manhattan, New York area code and the perfume itself was inspired by winter in New York, says Carolina Herrera in her perfume description. Wearing this perfume made my visit more intense and pleasurable. I felt the energy of the city and truly imagined myself at the center of the world!
Times Square
(Quick Tip: Don't go there to see the Ball drop on New Years Eve. You'll be trapped there freezing and without any restroom for good 6 hours)

Liberty Island
(Quick Tip: Go early for a ticket. Then you'll get a free pass to go on the Statue Itself besides the ticket to go to the island. The pass is very limited)

Brooklyn Bridge
(Quick Tip: Don't buy into "6 attractions in 3 days" crap. It sounds like a good deal but you'll never get to see them all in given days. Mucho pressure!)
The fragrance is sophisticated, feminine light floral with amazing staying power. Even though I'm moving to my summer fragrances I like to wear it sometimes just to bring back my NYC memories that much more vibrantly. Now only if I could find NYC Summer fragrance just to imagine that I'm there during summer! Suggestions appreciated!


  1. lol summer in NYC smells like sulfur...and in the train stations...pee...haha so dont come during the summer...come when the "scents" are masked...LOL

  2. I just found your blog and I love it.
    Come stop by my blog and say hello and have a look around. Hope to see you around soon!

    xx Belle

  3. Hi,GirlAboutTown! You're funny! Lol... I guess there'll be no fragrance inspired by NYC Summer then...haha


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