Friday, May 29, 2009

MAC Haul And Upcoming Giveaway Question

Hi, Beauties! I thought I'll share with my MAC haul from 3 trips. First trip was 2 weeks ago.
I've picked up (L to R) Sketch, Vanilla, and Electra eye shadows along with 239 brush, e/s and blush palettes.
On my 2nd trip I've got (L to R): Naked Lunch, Beautiful Iris, Gorgeous Gold, Paradisco eye shadows.
Blushes in Sincere and Dollymix
168 Angled Conouring and 217 Blending brushes
Today I've picked up these two beauties:
Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks and Style Warrior Lipglass in Gold Rebel

I won't do swatches on lipglasses because I'm thinking to do my FIRST GIVEAWAY in couple days and need your help to decide: I'm planning on giving away 3 items from my MAC haul and can't decide if I should give all 3 items to one winner or it's better to divide them into 3 people and give 1 item per person. What do you guys think? Please let me know! :)


  1. OMG, awesome huge MAC haul! I would suggest one per person but at the same time, if you choose 3 for one person, it saves you shipping money!

  2. nice haulll! i love the eyeshadow refills from the second haul :)

    i agree w/ diane- one per person! :) but 3 to one person def saves you money on shipping.

  3. your eyeshadow pics are really much different colors =] does vanilla work well as a highlight for the brow bone?

  4. nice haul! i just got gorgeous gold the other day! i think there should be one winner. easier on the shipping, LOL

  5. Nice haul! you're lucky to have MAC there:(

  6. lovely haul ^_~ I like what I see!

  7. oooh gooodies!!! great choices on the eyeshadows n the must have brushes #239 n #217!!! those brushes are love love love!!!

    i absolutely think u should have one winner, but that's just my opinion.


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