Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Romantic Bow Tip Nails

Lately I'm getting obsessed with bows. Bows on my shirt, skirt, dress, shoes, hair and even my nails...

Curious how I did it? Click It To See It


  1. Honey!! that is adorable!!! i will definitely try that out!!!

  2. aww the nails are cute. im not good with nails but i want to try this!

  3. love it♥
    it looks like french tips with a twist ;)

  4. omg the bow is really cute! ur so good at this!

  5. oh im so in love with these nails!!! what a cute idea!!! i am going to have to try it, thanks so much for sharing you're so creative and talented and seem like such a kind hearted doll!! i look forward to getting to know you better!! <3


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