Sunday, May 31, 2009

VS & Lush Mini Haul or Beauty Spree

It seems like the term Haul is being replaced by Beauty Spree. First, I've heard Kandee saying on one of her videos that the word Haul sounds ugly and we have to change it to something prettier. So here goes my mini Beauty Spree.

A week ago I stopped by Victoria's Secret to redeem my 2 $10 off card they've sent me for my Bday. Since I've stocked up my lingerie during last semi annual sale I decided to get some beauty stuff.
So Sexy was 3 for $24 so I've got Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner with Smoothing Shine Serum. They smell sexy for sure. I like the serum. It smooths and makes my hair soft without weighing my hair down. It can be used on wet or dry hair. Smells amazing!
Then I saw they've launched a new scent "Honey Do" for Beauty Rush Collection. OMG! I had to get it as I love honey dew candy, honey dew ice cream, honey dew everything ever since I was a little girl. I tested the scent and was sold! It smelled exactly how I was expecting. 3 for $25
I picked up 2 body lotions and body double mist (fragrance and skin conditioner) because I want to use them at night mainly for bedtime snack purpose. hehehe... I really feel like I've consumed a desert. Yum!
Total VS bill a little more than $30. Yay!
Then stopped by Lush to try their bath bombs since I liked their "Honey I Washed The Kids" soap from last time.
Got me Blackberry Bath Bomb (on R) $5.80 and Bath Bubble Bar (on L) $6.65
The Bath bomb was great until you get out of the bath and see all the moisturising oils and creams stuck on your bath tub with bright purple color. It wasn't fun to scrub my tub after a bath.
Paying $6 for one bath and then labor intense cleaning wasn't worth it. :(
Bubble bar was OK. Half of it is good for one bath. Smelled nice but nothing extraordinary.
Got the sample of Dream Cream body and hand cream. I was given a hand spa at the shop and was amazed how good the cream worked. That one is worth trying if you're looking for really nourishing, softening and moisturizing cream.
Last but not least, ran to Walgreen's to get some Faceshop masks since I've heard many positive things about them from many wonderful bloggers. 2 for $5. But they didn't have many choices, most was sold out. I've already tried the Ceramide one and love it. It really moisturized and revitalized my skin, plus smells nice. Next time I'll visit their store to get one of each kind. :)
Have a great weekend , Beauties!


  1. hope you get a chance to try more face masks! :) i like your.. beauty spree. hahahaa. it's gonna take me awhile to switch over.

  2. i really like the faceshop mask in pearl! it smells so good! i still havent tried any lush proeducts :P

  3. Hi Narita,

    It's been so fun reading your blog, in such a small space of time you've filled it with so many pretty things.

    You've got me hooked!

  4. i'm a sucker for those beauty rush products....i can't wait to try that one, it must smell so fresh but sweet!!

  5. bath bombs! they're a ton of fun!


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