Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zoya Nail Polish Exchange

Do you have old, dried out polishes that you never use? Well I have a few and thanks to Zoya Exchange Program I'm going to get new ones while helping the environment.
Zoya Polish exchange program works like this:
You send at least 6 any polishes from any brand and choose any Zoya polish you like. You pay $3 for each polish half the usual price of $6. Also you have to pay shipping. Still a great deal.
I'm exchanging 10 polishes ($30) and will use Priority Flat Rate box ($4.95). So total is $ 34.95 for 10 new high quality Zoya polishes as opposed to paying at least $60.
On top of that, they'll dispose my old polishes proper way which wouldn't be harmful for the planet.
The program is till June 1st, so go to and get the form and instructions, PRONTO!


  1. What a good idea!!!

    Let us know what you get in return x

  2. Thanks for letting us know. I can't wait to see your new nail polish.


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