Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Luluchinadoll's love package and 20 Pan Project

Hi, Beauties!

I won cutie Lulu's Summer Giveaway Grand Prize! Please check her out! She has very informative product reviews and makes cute jewelry. She's got it all: cute, creative, sweet and talented!
I'm sooo happy the prizes are awesome!

Let's get right to it:
Her package was so cute and neat, had cute Hello Kitty and Star stickers around my address!
Look at all the goodies she's sent me! I'm a one lucky girl!
Thank you, sweetie! You're such a doll!
I just love her handwriting, so neat and perfect!
First, the cute stuff: The cutie mouse key chain! Did you notice the bells on its neck? They make such soothing sound! Hello Kitty stamp and band aids. How cute? And the adorable Hippo eraser with legs that move! CUTE!!!Now, on to yummy stuff! I love Pocky. It took me great patience to take picture before I ate it! To go Green Teas will come in handy at work! Thank you, hun!
OMG! Korres Body Scrub in Watermelon! I really needed some body scrub after my sunburn in Vegas! Can't wait to try it! Crabtree and Evelyn Peel of Mask! I'm trying it tonight! Lulu was so kind to write me the best way to use it. You're such a sweetheart! And my first Urban Decay Lip Gloss! Yay! I've tried it and love it!
The texture and feel is awesome, non sticky and smooth! Lot's of shimmer and sparkle! Thank you Lulu!
Last but not least, the thing I'm most excited about is her creation, Summer Bracelet!!! Oh, how much I love it! It has charms associated with summer: flip flops, Popsicle, sunhat, watermelon slice, ice cream, heart (as "Summer Love") and a cupcake!
It lifted my spirit up and made me wanna go and have all the fun I can have during summer! It brought me joy! BIG Thank you cutie Lulu! You're so creative and talented! I just adore the bracelet!
As some of you ladies know Lulu and Edna did 20 pan project. I wanted to join but they've already done with it, but they're gonna do the make up only 10 pan project soon.
The great thing about their 20 pan project was that it could be any products such as body, skin care or make up. It makes it more doable and motivating. So I'm following their 20 pan project to prepare and motivate myself for their real make up only 10 pan challenge!
I'm starting my 20 pan project with these 2 items:
My HG Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara: Keeps your curls up until you remove it! Read more
Shiseido Sun Protection Lotion For face And Body SPF 33 PA++
Liquidy texture feels so light especially for face. Love it! I'm not freaking out it's finished cuz I have a back up! Yay!
I'll be happy if someone would do it too!
Thank you again and again lovely Lulu! You're such a doll! Mwwwa!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

NOFD: Beyonce Inspired Night Out Nails

Hi, Beauties!
Here's a super easy design good for night out, clubbing, party or concerts.
I was reading Marie Claire magazine June 2009 issue and saw the article about Beyonce's World Tour and Pictures of her stage costumes. Famous designer Thierry Mugler made her clothes and they are awesome!
I liked the silver and black one and was inspired to do this design. Also she has silver and black nails on the pictures too but with her husband's picture and name on them.

I've used:
Base coat from Rimmel
Black polish by Nina
Silver polish by Zoya in Trixie - very pigmented. 1 coat was enough to create the look
Top coat by Cina Glaze in Fast Forward
Hope you'll enjoy it!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vegas Pictures

Hi, Beauties!
Thank you all for your kind words and wishes! I've had a great trip and enjoyed ever so fabulous Vegas!
It was very hot and windy there unlike LA. Surprisingly LA was gloomy and cold lately and I didn't go to the beach. Therefore had no tan. But I've got a year worth tan in one day in Vegas!
Now on to pictures...
Our room was clean and comfortable with hot tub and TV set in the bathroom. But my most favorite thing was this mirror. Made my "makeup application life" much easier! hahaha
In front of the hotel
The beach area
It opens at 8am and people start lining up around 7am to get a chair! We've made it early and I'm continuing my sleep here...

Still pale picture

I wouln't have survived the heat without icy Margarita...and..

my favorite Haagen Dazs Dulce De Leche
Now this is the sun burnt picture
Luxor Hotel Casino
Inside Luxor
My legs are so tan
I love casino carpets. Millions of people walk on them day and night but no sign of wear and fading. Drunk people smoke in casinos but no burnt spots. I wonder how they maintain it.
Paris Paris is far behind. See the replica Eiffel Tower? There are elevators that take you all the way up the tower. Vegas night looks beautiful from there.
Replica of Victory Gate, Paris France
Next to the Paris Paris Hotel Casino
You should try the roller coaster at New York New York
I haven't tried myself... too chicken...hahaha
Excalibur Hotel Casino
Very kid friendly with kids arcade games
Pussycat Dolls Casino
The sexiest dressed dealers I've ever seen.. See the girls with red hat, silver corset and fishnets?

I just can't pass these without reading. These crack me up all the time! I hope the picture will enlarge when you click on it so you can read some...

M & M's World
You absolutely have to get one of these Yard Long Cocktails! Vegas experience is not complete without this bad boy!

Ahhh! m & m's heaven.... mmmmm
Madame Tussauds Las Vegas
Mz. Goldberg
And of course the Sephora on Vegas strip
Didn't buy anything for myself cuz I'm thinking to join Lulu and Abcgirl's 20 pan challenge.
I bought something for my next giveaway but it's a secret!
Wanted to buy Dior Addict Lip Glow for Katrina M (it was on her wish list) but they totally ran out of it. Seems like a very popular product!
Last but not least the Las Vegas Mc Carran International Airport
Look how awesome it is! Slot machines in waiting rooms! I was like WHAAAT? Great way to kill some time while you wait for your plane!

There are too many things to do and see in Vegas that you can't complete even in couple visits. Vegas is fabulous. I love how women transform there. Day time, most of the ladies had beachy style clothes: bikini and cover ups or short sundresses. No maxis in Vegas! Gotta show some skin in Vegas! Lot's of gladiator sandals, not much of flip flops.
Night time: killer heels, stand out clutches, beautiful make up and hair, little black dresses.
Even though I'm into opposite sex I still enjoy watching beautiful women who take care after themselves.
Another thing I've noticed is a lot of ladies were reading the Twilight saga, young and old, pool area and plane.
Lot's of New Moon and Eclipse. I was relieved to see another girl reading Twilight. Whew! I'm not the only one who's behind! hahaha
So Beauties, this was my weekend in Vegas. Thank you ladies who gave me awards, I'll get to it soon. Welcome my new beautiful readers! I'll check out and follow your blogs soon! I have lot's of catching up to do!
Stay Beautiful!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vegas Getaway: What Is In My Travel Makeup Bag

Hi, Beauties!
I'm leaving to Las Vegas for Fathers Day weekend tomorrow. Heading to the BEACH in the DESERT. Yeah, you've read it right.
Mandalay Bay Hotel has 11 acres pool with sand and it is in fact called BEACH! The pool has waves just like ocean.
I've been to Vegas a few times and never had a chance to really enjoy the hotels amenities cuz we used to walk around to see everything Vegas has to offer. This time I'm planning to just relax and chill with a cocktail in my hand at the hotel's beach area. Also will stop by Sephora on Vegas Strip to pick up some stuff for my next giveaway. That's it!
The beach area is for hotel guests only so we had to shell out some greens to book a room at Mandalay Bay in order to enjoy it. Well, I think spending money on experience is the best way to spend money. Experience and memories are the things that last forever.

So what am I packing?
Before we used to drive and I used to pack heavy but now we're flying and we're not gonna check in any luggage. So, it's kinda tough cuz I have to fit every fluid stuff in 1 quart Ziploc bag according to the new flight security requirement.
I'm taking one MAC eyeshadow palette

So after a struggle to choose only much needed products, these are what I'm taking with me.
To my surprise I did a good job fitting everything I needed. So, what's in here?
The samples came in handy!
  • Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer
  • Shiseido Eye makeup remover sample
  • Estee Lauder Cleansing Foam
  • Shiseido White Lucent Softener
  • Shiseido White Lucent Eye cream
  • Clarins Day Cream sample
  • Shiseido Bio performance cream as a night cream
  • Neutrogena Sun Block SPF 70- Thank you Katrina M
  • Purse size perfume
  • Victoria's Secret Refreshing Body Mist- nice and light perfect for beach and airplanes
  • Evian Water Spray-airplanes are crazy drying and it helps a lot
  • My HG Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation
  • Estee Lauder Stay in Place Concealer
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Shiseido Lastin Lift Mascara Sample
  • L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
Whew, what a long list....and it's not it!
Now on to non liquid items that I absolutely have to take with me:

  • Too Faced Bronzer in Snow Bunny- for my body. It's not really a bronzer. It gives beautiful glow to my shoulders and legs. Hit the pan! See how much I love it?
  • My HG Nars Loose Powder in Sephora refillable brush
  • Mac Mineralize Duo- I don't know how to live without it
  • Q-tips and cotton pads- use them everyday
  • Mac travel brushes
  • Almay eyeliner
  • Jordana Brow pencil
  • Stila eyeliner
  • Tweezerman
  • Compact Eyelash curler
These are all the things I can't live without.

Now did you notice that I didn't pack a blush???
Blush will go to the front pocket of my purse! (Kenneth Cole New York)

  • Memoirs Of a Geisha Palette is one thing to keep in your purse. First one on the left is highliter, then perfect blush and a gloss. Great for touch ups and pick me ups. I go to ladies room and apply everything with my fingers, wash my hands and look refreshed.
  • Softlips- essential especially on airplanes. Last time we flew to NY I forgot it and we all had chapped lips that lasted 3 days to heal.
  • Cute- mint tin with a mirror. Discreet way to check on your makeup
  • Bunch of wet wipes
  • Current favorite lippie
NOW I feel taken care of in terms of skincare and makeup!

And of course something to readI know, I know I'm so behind but really didn't have time to read lately. Maybe because I was busy reading your blogs, Ladies! hahaha

Gosh! Pretty long list for a weekend getaway! But hey, a girl gotta do what girl gotta do, right? Or maybe not. I wish I can look and feel good without all these stuff. How about you, ladies? How much do you pack? I might learn something from you!

Have a great weekend!
Stay Beautiful!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Winners Announced!

Hi, Beauties!
First of all, let me thank each and every one of you, Beauties, for taking time and participating in my first giveaway! It means a lot to me! Also thank you for sharing with your favorite brands with all of us!
There were no right or wrong answer. I've received 124 eligible entries and got some help from random.org to choose 2 winners:

Katrina is a Princess

After posting about my Firts Giveaway I told myself that whoever comments first would be one of the winners! So the 3rd winner is:


Now, about who gets what?
Winners please comment on this post with your prize preference:
And again, whoever comments earlier will have a chance to get their preferred items. You have 24 hrs to do so. Otherwise, I'll have new winners!

Then I'll contact you for your shipping addresses. I'm leaving to Vegas this Friday and hoping to ship the prizes out before I leave!

To all of you Beauties: I'll stop by Sephora on Vegas Strip and will pick some stuff for my next giveaway! So next time it could be you!
Again, thank you for joining the fun ladies!

Stay Beautiful!

DSK, Marukai Haul & Lulu's Giveaway!

Hi, Beauties!
Thank you very much for waiting patiently. I've had another giveaway on my YT channel ending the same day.
Wait a sec... Do you Spy Something Familiar On Me???
Yes, famous DSK jewelry. I've got necklace and earrings. They're beautiful! The shipping was super fast! Thanks Steph!
So, today I went to Marukai Japanese Market to pick up some cute extras and sweets for the winners. They've had great sales and specials that I couldn't help and bought some stuff for myself!
I tried to find the miso soup Staciee recommended but I think I got the wrong one :(
The Makeup remover clothes was on sale $4.89 for 100 sheets + travel pack. I've tried it and it did a very good job removing MU. Also smells good.

Thinking to give it a try for my lashes. Also on sale $3.89

Some bath salts

I've heard many great things about it that wanted to try myself especially when it's on sale for $28.98. Full size set of Shampoo and Conditioner + Damage treatment

Sweet Lulu is having a Summer Celebration Contest
Aren't the prizes cute???
Please check that out and participate in her first contest to celebrate summer!
Thank you cutie for the giveaway!

I'll get help from Random.org to determine the winners of my giveaway very soon. Hopefully by tonight! So stay tuned!

Stay Beautiful!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Love pack from Hottie Katrina M

Hi, Beauties!
How's your week starting? Mine is staring just great cuz I've just picked up Hottie Katrina M's Love Pack "slash" Contest Prize and can't be happier! Yay! Thank you girl!
Look at the her drawings! Sooo preeetyyy!

A girl gotta shake it and guess what's in the box!

I've got Goodies filled in this GIANT & Cute HK bag!


Ok, Ok Here We Go:
OMG! I'm One Lucky Girl!
There is a one unpictured item which I'm excited about. Those who follow Katrina M know what I'm talking about! "wink, wink"

What we got here????
Lash Heaven...Can't wait to try them!

Nail treats... You know that I'm into nails, so I'm going crazy about these!

Always wanted to try Melon pigment! The brush is Sooo Soft! Fell in Love!

Look at the cutest key cap! Hooow I needed a teasing comb and this one is like nothing I've ever seen! Very nice!

I love them sheet masks!

I couldn't wear my favorite pumps because of slippery soles. Now I have the solution! Very excited about these, honey!
P.S. I'm saying these with Gay Accent!

How can I forget the HK Lipglass??? Adorable! I didn't have a chance to buy it. But now I have one!
You know how I do cheesy matchy- matchy pics!

Treats for my sweet tooth!

HUGE Thank You, Sweetie!
I felt like a little girl in a toy store and haven't felt that way since... well...when I was a little girl.

I shall help you cross out an item from your wish list!

Mmmmwa! Love you girl!

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