Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DSK, Marukai Haul & Lulu's Giveaway!

Hi, Beauties!
Thank you very much for waiting patiently. I've had another giveaway on my YT channel ending the same day.
Wait a sec... Do you Spy Something Familiar On Me???
Yes, famous DSK jewelry. I've got necklace and earrings. They're beautiful! The shipping was super fast! Thanks Steph!
So, today I went to Marukai Japanese Market to pick up some cute extras and sweets for the winners. They've had great sales and specials that I couldn't help and bought some stuff for myself!
I tried to find the miso soup Staciee recommended but I think I got the wrong one :(
The Makeup remover clothes was on sale $4.89 for 100 sheets + travel pack. I've tried it and it did a very good job removing MU. Also smells good.

Thinking to give it a try for my lashes. Also on sale $3.89

Some bath salts

I've heard many great things about it that wanted to try myself especially when it's on sale for $28.98. Full size set of Shampoo and Conditioner + Damage treatment

Sweet Lulu is having a Summer Celebration Contest
Aren't the prizes cute???
Please check that out and participate in her first contest to celebrate summer!
Thank you cutie for the giveaway!

I'll get help from Random.org to determine the winners of my giveaway very soon. Hopefully by tonight! So stay tuned!

Stay Beautiful!


  1. Oooh Marukai! I missed going there when I was in Oahu :((( And I will def. post more pics hehe :D Thanks for following my blog too!

  2. ooo so much goodies from Marukai!!! I must stop by there next time I'm in LA :)
    Thanks sooo much for joining and posting about my giveaway hon! Good luck to you! Thanks for letting me know about the sale at IKEA! I love that place (even when i don't need to buy furniture, i still love to wander around in it haha). We in fact just went this past weekend to write down some of the locations for furnitures we are looking into, good thing I dind't get any of them yet! Now i can get some on sale probably :)
    How's your house hunting going? I hope you can get one soon so we all take advantage of the ikea sale and talk about how to decorate our places, hehehe :p

  3. Hi Narita,
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  4. aww narita~ yeah those were not the miso soup, the brand that i normally get is called Marukome and I believe they make the best ones, their logo has a little bald kid haha. Let me know how the ones you got taste =)

  5. oh... i got the Tsubaki shampoo too.. but its the red one~


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