Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My entry to Stephanie's Giveaway & Glimpse of Hawaii

Cutie Stephanie is having her first giveaway to promote her Jewelry Store. She makes very cute jewelries. Check her out at:
Steph's Stuff-
Always Hungry -
The prizes are surprise jewelry, pendant, cosmetic and yummy stuff along with MAC Plushglass in Ample Pink. How awesome is that? The giveaway will end Tuesday June 16, 2009 at 12:00 am PST So you have time to enter!
We have to write about our favorite jewelry and story behind it. Also to post a picture of it wearing.

My favorite piece of jewelry is my necklace and I never take it off. I sleep with it, shower with it, work out with it, swim with it. I wear it to work, clubs, parties, home, parks, museums, beach and everywhere else.
I love it because it consists of love of people who love me and whom I love! I hope it makes sense! hahaha
First, it was just a chain... My mom and dad's gift for my 18th birthday. My first solid platinum jewelry piece.
Then, during our summer vacation in Hawaii 2 years ago my little man chose a live oyster for me...
(Local ritual: Tap 3 times on a shell and wish for a big pearl )

And I've got this pretty pearl...Yay!
Then my big man bought me a white gold pendant with a small diamond, which is my birthstone..wink wink.
The guy attached the pearl onto the pendant and I never took it off since.
It's my personal symbol of love. Also it's a piece of the Paradise I carry with me. Oh, how I miss Hawaii!
Rabbit Island
Doesn't it look like a rabbit swimming in the ocean?
Waikiki Beach
I was so tan!
Boat ride
Look at the turquoise water and blue sky...

Hilton Hawaiian Village
I loooove the dancing statues!
Getting ready to Hula!

OMG! Stephanie, thanks for a wonderful giveaway topic! Most people have special pieces of jewelry that are conversation starters and I like learning stories behind them. Thanks for the opportunity! Also it took me back to good times! I feel so refreshed now!
So ladies, participate in her giveaway and write your stories. I'd love to read them all!

Stay Beautiful!


  1. That is such a pretty necklace. Those Hawaii photos are lovely and you're looking georgeous as always with style. =)

    I find myself wearing my Tiffany&Co heart necklace that my mom got for me as a Christmas present almost all the time. =)

  2. That is a beautiful necklace and nice story behind the piece.

  3. I love the pearl. It's so pretty and classy. I've always wanted to try taht.

  4. I have a pearl necklace from those oyster place too :) Yours is sooo pretty and thanks for sharing all those pretty pictures with us :)
    hehe project 20 pan is not too hard because I included skincare items too, it's sooooo hard for me to use up any makeup, but I use up skincares fast :p You should join us!!! :) I told myself that I'll finish the ban once I get a house, or once I reach 20, but I think I'll just keep going until 20 and beyond...hehe cuz I'm actually really enjoying finishing off all the old products that I abandoned because I wanted to try new ones, hahaha :)
    ooo good luck with your house hunting as well! it was such a long and tiring process, and we almost gave up! this was the last offer we told ourselves that we were going to do before we take a break and start looking gain slowly in the fall and winter when market is less crazy...and thennnn the offer came through :) So exciting, yet so overwhelming because of all the stuff we still have to do to close the deal, haha but it's a happy kind of exhaustion :) Good luck with yours and keep me updated, I hope you find your dream home soon!!! :) and good luck with the loan pre-approval, it's a lot of work gathering up everything, I agree :)

  5. p.s. - my birthstone is also a diamond ;)

  6. I love getting those pearls!! I always get one when I got o las vegas, cause that's the only place I've been to that has them for sale lol

  7. Pretty necklace! I've always wanted to try to "hunt" for my own pearl, I've seen photos and movies of it but never done it myself! hehe I hope you enter my contest :) oh and I'm following you now, I hope that's ok!! Have a great weekend <3

  8. Hi Narita! Thanks for joining my contest! You have stated one of the reasons why I made my participants explain why the piece of jewelry is their favorite -- there is usually some kind of sentimental story behind it. For you, your necklace is composed of the things that are made from the people you love in your life. I can see why you would never want to take it off. But it is a pearl... a calcified substance, so be careful about taking showers with it on (especially with abrasive soaps/chemicals)!

    Good luck, and thanks again for your entry :)

    P.S. CCO in Vegas doesn't sell Pink Fish, but try the Macy's at the huge mall on the Strip. That's where I found mine. Good luck with that!

  9. hawaii so far away from here. how much is one pearl? haha... I am getting all the fake pearl.

  10. I m following you for a while but I do not see your updates :( I just notice that but I don't understand why do you have any idea? :(


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