Monday, June 15, 2009

Love pack from Hottie Katrina M

Hi, Beauties!
How's your week starting? Mine is staring just great cuz I've just picked up Hottie Katrina M's Love Pack "slash" Contest Prize and can't be happier! Yay! Thank you girl!
Look at the her drawings! Sooo preeetyyy!

A girl gotta shake it and guess what's in the box!

I've got Goodies filled in this GIANT & Cute HK bag!


Ok, Ok Here We Go:
OMG! I'm One Lucky Girl!
There is a one unpictured item which I'm excited about. Those who follow Katrina M know what I'm talking about! "wink, wink"

What we got here????
Lash Heaven...Can't wait to try them!

Nail treats... You know that I'm into nails, so I'm going crazy about these!

Always wanted to try Melon pigment! The brush is Sooo Soft! Fell in Love!

Look at the cutest key cap! Hooow I needed a teasing comb and this one is like nothing I've ever seen! Very nice!

I love them sheet masks!

I couldn't wear my favorite pumps because of slippery soles. Now I have the solution! Very excited about these, honey!
P.S. I'm saying these with Gay Accent!

How can I forget the HK Lipglass??? Adorable! I didn't have a chance to buy it. But now I have one!
You know how I do cheesy matchy- matchy pics!

Treats for my sweet tooth!

HUGE Thank You, Sweetie!
I felt like a little girl in a toy store and haven't felt that way since... well...when I was a little girl.

I shall help you cross out an item from your wish list!

Mmmmwa! Love you girl!



  1. omigod! It's totally great! So cute gifts! I like this one with Hello Kitty.
    And I like you bag with Hello Kitty.
    You are beautiful!


  2. I would kill for this package,lol♥
    I love everything

  3. congrats! what a great prize!!!

  4. OMG that is the best prize ever!!!! I am super jealous of you!

    I changed the name of my blog and accidently deleted my followers grrr! Can you come back over and follow me again? Thanks darlin!!

  5. glad u like it!!! u deserve it!!

  6. and honey no need to return the love!! ur too sweet

  7. Congrats again girl. =) So many awesome stuff! <3

  8. Wow..Congrats on your winning!

  9. ooo so much goodies!!! you lucky gal :) congrats on winning again :D

  10. omg that's one big package! i love how your face glows in your photos :)

  11. holy package of love. i love the flowers on the box!

  12. your skin looks so flawless! gorgeous!

  13. yeah ur skin is glowy and flawless !
    and what a nice giveaway !
    join mine !

  14. everything looks wonderful!! your so lucky to get a big package and im so happy for you!! cant wait till you try everything :)


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