Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Luluchinadoll's love package and 20 Pan Project

Hi, Beauties!

I won cutie Lulu's Summer Giveaway Grand Prize! Please check her out! She has very informative product reviews and makes cute jewelry. She's got it all: cute, creative, sweet and talented!
I'm sooo happy the prizes are awesome!

Let's get right to it:
Her package was so cute and neat, had cute Hello Kitty and Star stickers around my address!
Look at all the goodies she's sent me! I'm a one lucky girl!
Thank you, sweetie! You're such a doll!
I just love her handwriting, so neat and perfect!
First, the cute stuff: The cutie mouse key chain! Did you notice the bells on its neck? They make such soothing sound! Hello Kitty stamp and band aids. How cute? And the adorable Hippo eraser with legs that move! CUTE!!!Now, on to yummy stuff! I love Pocky. It took me great patience to take picture before I ate it! To go Green Teas will come in handy at work! Thank you, hun!
OMG! Korres Body Scrub in Watermelon! I really needed some body scrub after my sunburn in Vegas! Can't wait to try it! Crabtree and Evelyn Peel of Mask! I'm trying it tonight! Lulu was so kind to write me the best way to use it. You're such a sweetheart! And my first Urban Decay Lip Gloss! Yay! I've tried it and love it!
The texture and feel is awesome, non sticky and smooth! Lot's of shimmer and sparkle! Thank you Lulu!
Last but not least, the thing I'm most excited about is her creation, Summer Bracelet!!! Oh, how much I love it! It has charms associated with summer: flip flops, Popsicle, sunhat, watermelon slice, ice cream, heart (as "Summer Love") and a cupcake!
It lifted my spirit up and made me wanna go and have all the fun I can have during summer! It brought me joy! BIG Thank you cutie Lulu! You're so creative and talented! I just adore the bracelet!
As some of you ladies know Lulu and Edna did 20 pan project. I wanted to join but they've already done with it, but they're gonna do the make up only 10 pan project soon.
The great thing about their 20 pan project was that it could be any products such as body, skin care or make up. It makes it more doable and motivating. So I'm following their 20 pan project to prepare and motivate myself for their real make up only 10 pan challenge!
I'm starting my 20 pan project with these 2 items:
My HG Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara: Keeps your curls up until you remove it! Read more
Shiseido Sun Protection Lotion For face And Body SPF 33 PA++
Liquidy texture feels so light especially for face. Love it! I'm not freaking out it's finished cuz I have a back up! Yay!
I'll be happy if someone would do it too!
Thank you again and again lovely Lulu! You're such a doll! Mwwwa!


  1. i need to get that mascara!! ahh!! lovely package and what color is the UD gloss? it looks so pretty! not to mention your have like perfect lips!!

    the bracelet is very cute too! congrats on winning :)

  2. wwoooww u re soooo lucky :) great products

  3. Hi, C! Thank you! The UD lip gloss is in Firecracker! Perfect for 4 of July! hahaha

  4. OMG Yay for Lulu love :) Congrats on hitting pan on 2 items! It goes by pretty quickly!!

  5. wow love the prizes! congrats again! that bracelet is so cuute!

  6. nice!!! congratz on the win! <3
    such adorable gifts!!! :)
    the lipgloss looks like a pretty color <3

  7. congrats narita! those are some really nice goodies!

  8. very nice prizes, gratz again girl ^_^. You're one very lucky lady :)

  9. Ooh that mascara and sunscreen are my HGs!

  10. I love Shiseido products. Your pink lipgloss is such a pretty hue. I love glosses with gold specks, but I can never wear them because I hate the feeling of lipgloss. Do you know any light lipglosses? Thanks girlyyy

    And thank you for your sweet message earlier. It's getting late, so good night [:

  11. great reviews! i agree with both.

  12. Hi sweetie! So glad you liked everything I sent you. Reading about your post makes me smile :) You are such a sweetie! and omg that lipgloss looks fab on your sexy lips! I loooove it <3

    Congrats on hitting 2 pans already :):) You'll finish in NO time, hehe. the Shiseido sunscreen is also my HG, I need to get a backup soon because I'll be so sad when I finish my current one. Do you only use it for your face or on your body too? I feel like it's a waste when I put it on my body because it's not that big of a bottle, but then again, the skin on my body is just as important as my face right? :p

    Hope you have a FAB 4th of July weekend. Now you have a matching lipgloss to go with the fabulous weekend, hehehe :D


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