Monday, June 1, 2009

MAC Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Hi, Beauties! This is my First Giveaway. I've entered the Blog World not long ago and met so many Beautiful, Fun, Talented, Creative, Intelligent and Sweet ladies. I enjoy reading everybody's blogs as they're informative, uplifting, entertaining and fun! I'd love to be part of this World.

First, I couldn't decide if I should have one winner of 3 items or 3 winners of one item? Thanks to (KLOTB) Kind Ladies On The Blog who suggested to have 3 winners but were so sweet to mention that I would save on shipping if I'd have 1 winner, I decided to to have 3 winners. I don't mind the shipping cost as long as more people will be happy.

So, the prizes are...

MAC Style Warrior Lipglass in Gold Rebel
Brand NEW
I chose this color because I thought it would look good on anyone. It's different than it looks on the picture, it's gorgeous sheer, almost like a nude color

MAC Blush Pro Pan in Sincere
It's matte and very versatile. Other than subtle blush it can be used for contouring.

MAC Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks
Brand NEW
Very pretty pink with violet sparkles

How to be one of the 3 Lucky Ladies?

Since it's not a contest but just a giveaway I'm making it easy for you ladies!
  1. Leave a comment with the answer to following question:
Have fun and just imagine that you're being sent to a deserted island and you're allowed to spend $10.000 (Ten Thousand) to stock up beauty and makeup products before you leave. The catch is, it has to be only ONE brand. Which Brand would you go for?
(I think I'd choose Shiseido. Make up is always better on well cared skin. My skin responds positively to Shiseido products and on top they have nice make ups too.)

2. Blog about this giveaway on your blog and link to this post

3. Have to be a follower of my blog

4. International bloggers welcome!

5. Winners will be chosen by me randomly

The Giveaway is open till June 15th 12am, Pacific Time

Have FUN Ladies and Thank You So Much For Participating!



  1. Hey narita! what cool prizes you have there so i couldnt pass it up!

    1. if i have to pick one brand, i think i will pick clinique just b/c they are good with skin care items and they just came out with this yellow bottle sunblock stuff! when it comes to skin care, i trust clinique all the way!

    and that's my entry :) *cross fingers*

  2. oh boy oh boy! must get baby sparks dazzle glass! lol ok here we go:

    1. If I had to pick one brand it would be Aveeno. I dont "need" make up but I do need skincare so as long as I have their face wash and moisturizer im good to go!


  3. Omg I would love to win something from Mac, especially Baby Sparks! I just found your blog and I subscribed through google reader.

    If I had to choose only one brand and I only had $10 I would definitely choose E.L.F. because you could get a whole bunch for $10 since everything is only a dollar. I would be able to get all of the essentials to looking great on that island. Sounds pretty fun actually, sign me up!

    Here is the link where I blogged about your contest. I really hope I have a shot! (at the bottom)

  4. I'd go with Neutrogena. I can't live without their high SPF moisturizers and Deep Clean Invigorating Scrub!!

  5. 1. kevin beautymaker~ just starting to experiment w. this line but i love it so far and with fuzkittie's awesome reviews of it.. i just gotta get my hands on more xD


    fab prizes!! hope you get lots of entries :D

  6. Hey sweetie~
    Fabulous giveaways and awesome MAC items. =)
    omg...I was thinking the same thing "Shiseido" before I read your response. LOL!

    Do you mean $10 or $10,000?

    Now I need to think of another....

    Runner up for me will be DHC because it's also a Japanese brand and their products does a great job and they also have a makeup line. =)

    Cute blog. I'm going to follow. =)

    I will be blog about this Giveaway on my blog soon.

  7. hi there! awesome blog so im going to start following :) if i had to pick just one brand, it would be shiseido as well... ive recently just started using their purity line and its working out great for my skin :)

    ive made a post to ur giveaway:


  8. well i think i will choose Stila. Just because I like their eye shadows a lot!!! It's so shimmery! If I wear their eyeshadows on the island, people can notice me from far away and probably get me out of the island. ...... Lame I know. Haha.

  9. 1. Although I LOVE M.A.C. They dont have much of a skincare line. If Im going to be stuck on an island with all that makeup Im going to need really good skincare products too right? So I was thinking Estee Lauder or Clinique. They have cosmetics and skincare products!
    2. Here's the link to my post:


  10. Hi Narita, you have such a cute blog! I love the layout :)

    1. If I have to choose one brand to bring with me on the deserted island (and wheee 10000 dollars!!!! @_@) I'd choose La Mer. I also think that skin care would be more beneficial than makeup, especially if I am on a deserted island all by myself, and w/out proper skincare no matter how much makeup I put on it won't look nice, haha :)

    2. My post about your giveaway:

    3. I'm a follower :)

    Thanks so much for your generous giveaway girl :)

  11. Hey..
    i just followed you right now! :)
    Nice prizez, i never had a mac lipgloss...:(
    Count me in!

  12. 1. If i had to choose one brand it would be Clinique! I love it! i have dry skin and i hate it! but ever since i bought clinique like a few weeks made my skin super soft, i couldnt believe! I trust Clinique 100%! hehe :)


  13. 1. If i have to choose one brand it would be MAc simple reason - i dont have MAC yet ... GOsh it my opportunity lol

  14. If im going to spend 10,000 bucks for make-up it would be soooo great and amazing.
    I'll raid the Sephora's website for Stila and Too faced. I like them both coz I love the color pallet of Stila and Too Faced have amazing packaging and value set. But since having many make ups without facial skin care, my pimples will come out. So instead of this fab make up, I'd rather choose The Body Shop, they have a lot of skin care and cosmetics products and specially it's very expensive here in the Philippines.

  15. hi narita!! im a new follower and i was interested in your giveaway since i dont have much mac items & they are such great items too! =]

    so if i were going to spend 10,000 on makeup, i would definately choose mac since thats what mostly every girl uses and i know it wont let me down because they are really good products with alot of good reviews !

    btw, thanks so much for this generous giveaway =]oh and im having a contest too on my blog if your interested in joining. take care

    blog post:

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  18. YAY! Omg m.a.c. items! I really want to try those, since I have none :)!

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

    If I was sent to a desert island and had a budget of 10.000$ then I'd def. pick Skin Food. Why? Well they have lots of items to take care of the skin (and with great skin you need little make up) and nail polishes + some nice nice eyeshadows! And since being on an island, neutral eyeshadows could do well.

  19. i would definitely spend it on Aveeno! I would need tooons of moisturizer!
    im a follower
    blogged here:

  20. Hi! I just came across your site! I'm a new follower too & I also don't have mac products.

    I'd definitely pick banila co.! They have skincare too and they're great! Their line is so cute~

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

  21. Hiya Narita!
    Thank you for this giveaway! I totally dig your profile description about helping women look and feel confident. It's so original!

    Now, if I had $10k, I would definitely stick with Shiseido. It's an Asian brand, (originally) made for Asian skin. I would probably spend most of the money on their skin care line. It's no wonder older Asian ladies look younger than they really are! Plus, their line of cosmetics are of good quality, especially their foundations: what else can I ask for?

    I'm also having a giveaway on my site, so please check if out if you're interested! ;) a great day!! ^_^

  22. Hey just found ur site from other blogs and yes I just followed you.

    If I had $10,000 to stock up on 1 brand of beauty products, it would have to be Smashbox because I am in love with their foundation. I think foundation is most important for me. On top of that, their eyeshadows are great and from what I hear, the new primer is just as good if not better than UDPP.

    I blogged bout your giveaway:

    thanks for having this!

  23. Wow such good prizes!

    I am going to pick Estee Lauder as the skin products are amazing and i am love with the double wear foundation, and if im on a desert island im not really going to be worrying about fancy eyeshadow looks lol :D

  24. hey hun; just went through ur whole entire blog, im very impressed with ur talent in nail art..=)

    now for the question, the brand i would choose would be MAC.. i know its so overrated & what not but ive been using that brand for 8 yrs now & no other foundation has worked well for me. & i'm so addicted to their lippies!

  25. Hey, these are honestly awesome prizes!
    so...... if i had 10,000 i would probably stock up on stuff from benefit, i just love their stuff, adn think how much you could buy! :) (if your offering, YES PLEASE!)
    I blogged about it :)

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I would definitely purchase Mac Cosmetics. I love the their foundations especially Studio Fix Fluid (full coverage). I love their eye shadow's
    they are very pigmented. I love the dazzle glasses even though i only own one its my favorite lip gloss and I'm conserving it lol. If i had 10,000 dollars i would buy all the dazzle glasses i could.

    Here is my blog I talked about your contest

  28. 1. I would totally stock up on Channel because channel is totally out of my price range! From the pictures and the product views online, I wish I had the money to buy atleast one Channel item, sigh.



  29. If I had $10,000 dollars to spend on one brand I would have to choose Neutrogena, because they have skincare, make-up, suncare (very important on a deserted island!), body&bath stuff and I'd pretty much be set! apart from clothes of course.

    Here's the blog

  30. I wish I really did have $10,000 to spend on a certain brand of makeup! lol.
    but I'd choose Bare Escentuals. I love their neutral eyeshadows, and they work perfectly with my eyelid - since some other products dry it up.
    I also love their BareMinerals foundation as well !!!

    I blogged, I followed !

  31. Wow! What a fun and creative idea!

    Hmm... let's see..
    If I had $10,000 to spend on one brand if I were to go on a deserted island, I would choose Benefit cosmetics! I love their rose-tinted lip and cheek stain! <3

  32. Oooh how creative!
    It's pretty hard to pick out one brand for me becuase i love loadsof different ones.. But i would pick out Laneige (Korean brand) simply becuase it works most effectivly on my skin, it keeps it clean and clear,just glows on my skin. The make up products are fantasic i'm in love with the foundation and powder! Waterproof powder ahh amazing stuff (:

  33. 1. I would pick laura mercier. there skin care products are great! and there make up too. I love the mineral finishing powder!it protects the skin, controls sebum production and visually minimizes pores for a fresh look.

  34. 1. I would select Laura Mercier, the skin line is great and the make up is pretty nice too.


    thanx for the contest!

  35. If i was stranded on an island with 10,ooo to buy make up i would buy MAC products, Im just getting into make up and so far my favorite would be MAC but im on a college students budget so i would take that opportunity to get everything i have ever wanted from Mac.

  36. oh how generous!!$10.000 lolz...I'd bring my whole bunch of L'occitane products :D

    and here's my entry

  37. This is tough! I think I'd have to choose Bare Escentuals, because it wouldn't clog my pores and would still look natural. Also, the SPF 15 in the mineral foundation would help keep me from getting sunburned!


  38. 1. This is a no-brainer: If I had $10,000.00 to spend on a single cosmetic brand, I would most definitely purchase Clinique products. Their 3-step skin care line is my HG, go-to, must-have!! Great skin is most important to me when it comes to cosmetics. It is the basis of any good look. I also love their lippies, mascara, and sunblock. Definitely Clinique.


    Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway.

  39. Hmm... that's a tough one! I don't know which one to choose between Burt's Bees or Garnier... but I think I will go with Garnier, because I tried a lot more of their products than Burt's Bees.

    Here's the link to my post:

  40. Hi narita, thank you so much for having this giveaway!

    If I were to pick only one brand to stock up would have to be NARS!! I loove everything NARS and they have both makeup and skincare items so I'll be totally set.

    Here's the link to my blog about this giveaway~

    Also followed ya! :)

  41. 1. I would say Shu Uemura. Skincare and makeup from this great Asian company. I love the cleansing oil and massage gel for skincare, and for makeup, i am much in love with the glow-ons.

    Link to my blog

  42. I'd have to agree with you and say Shiseido as well. I love their sunscreen and since I'm going to a deserted island I'll need all the sunscreen and skincare I need. They also have makeup so when I need to be dolled up, I'm all set. I don't have to go with any other brand!
    I'm a new follower!
    I shared your giveaway on twitter:

  43. great giveaway!

    if i had to choose just one brand it would have to be clinique because they have awesome face cleansers and beautiful makeup, like their lippies =]]

  44. nice prizes! I hope i'll win!
    hmm.. let me see, I'll probably choose SKINFOOD since they have all the essentials like skincare, haircare, cosmetics, etc.

    here's the link to my blog..

  45. I would choose MAC because I use alot of their skin care products along with their makeep.

  46. 1. I'd pick clinique, its made from natural ingredients, its perfect for any kind of weather and its created for all skin types, not only is it beautiful for skin but best for skin aswell.


  47. great giveaway!!! won my contest!!! email me ur address!!

  48. i would take Chanel with me. I cant live without their products! & their skin care line is to die for, so refreshing. thanks for having such a wonderful giveaway

  49. Hi Narita!! Thanks for being so kind and having 3 winners for this contest.

    I would stock up on burt's bee products. They have great skin care line and I really like their all natural products.

    This is the link for question number 2 and I am already a follower and I also link u to my blog roll.

  50. If I had 10,000, I would spend it on Olay. I know it's not a high end brand but I really like their products. I've been using their moisturizer (oily/combination skin) since elementary school. They used to come in those typical round, bottles but now it's like a flat bottle. Their regenerist creams are also a good product. Both my grandma and I use that. Although I'm not yet in my 20's, I don't think it's ever too early to start using anti-wrinkle or anti-aging cream because in reality, our skin is aging everyday :) in addition, their facial wash works really well to remove any dirt and makeup. I don't wear high end makeup either. Just eyeliner and Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Loose Powder. Works just as well :D

  51. Such a good question!I was thinking about this the other day!Just going in MAC and buy everything!Say "Nah just give me one of everythign from these eyeshadows" LOL.A big dream!I think I'd be totally covered with MAC!Definitely!

  52. If I had $10,000 I would most likely spend it on MAC. I think its pretty reasonably priced considering the quality of their products. They're the only brand I've tried that actually have liquid foundations that completely match my skin! And of course they have pigments which are incredibly addictive..

    Here is a link to the blog I posted about your giveaway:

    Thanks!! :)

  53. Oh sorry , i blogged about your giveaway here

  54. 1. if i have to pick one brand, i think i will pick KEVIN BEAUTYMAKER bcz all of the products are designed for asian girls and most of the stuffs are contain good ingredients to ur skin.

    2.Here is a link to the blog I posted about your giveaway:

  55. Hi girl, I just found out your page and am following you. I have also enter in your contest so you can check out my page.

    To answer your questions...

    1. If I were stuck on an island with $10,000.00 to spend on cosmetic...the one brand I would choose is Clinque. I cannot live without their high impact mascara. Plus they have skin care products that work well with sensitive skin type and other cosmetics stuff so I will be ok with that. I love love their products...

    2. the link to my blog...


  56. Not to be a copycat but I would have to pick Shiseido as well. I love their whitening toners and stuff. They also have very high quality mineral powders and foundations (although not so much eye shadows).

  57. I'm just starting I'm so excited with this giveaway....

    1. I know a lot answered clinique....but If I'm being sent to a deserted island and I'm allowed to spend $10.000.I would stock on clinique dramatically diff moisturizing lotion...and I easily get blemishes whenever I put something on my face but Clinique doesn't seem to break me out....

    2. here's my post to your giveaway:

  58. This is a toughie! It's between MAC & NARS- but I'm going to pick MAC- since I know that line so well and I would know EXACTLY what I would need- lol!

  59. 1. $10,000 on one brand. i haven't tried many brands, so i would stick with Clean&Clear. It's affordable so i would have a lifetime supply and some to share with $10,000. I have been using the Clean&Clear Dual Moisturizer for over 5 years now.


    i hope i win and thanks for the opportunity.


  60. hello pretty,

    Thanks for having this giveaway... the prizes are amazing.. i love it all...

    Ans to ur qns:

    If i have 10K, and only allow to spent on one brand.. i will choose.. ANNA SUI COSMETICS.. because... they are my fav make up products... most of their products or in fact all have nice rose smell and super cute packaging. Pretty roses... Being alone (alone = bored) in a deserted island.. i think by looking at these cute packagings... i will at least feel be better? haha... Hope u like my ans.. Thanks alot...

    oh.. the link to my blog is -->


  61. Hey! Thanks for doing this giveaway! My answer:
    I had a hard time deciding. First I figured I would choose a line that has skincare products I like a lot (if I'm going to be stranded, I need to have healthy skin, right??) but then I figured I was overthinking it and that I should just choose what makeup brand I like the best. That would be... MAC!!! I like their makeup the best because it has a wide range of colors for me to play around with. I love doing bright colors but I also like to tone it down sometimes. Being stranded with MAC stuff would definitely keep me entertained. I'd be a makeup EXPERT because of all the time I had to mess around with my makeup! hahaha

    Here is my posting about your giveaway:

    Thank you!!

  62. wow! Hello!
    1. Me gonna faint first, lol. $10,000 for makeup?! Hahaha... then hmm... then I think I'll choose bourgeois, it's just too perfect for my skin, I don't know if it's popular or not but I love it, and that's the most important thing :D

    2. I've linked this giveaway on my blog :D

    3. I am your follower now! Well, new follower but still follower, right? :D *grins

    4. yeah, I'm an international follower :)

  63. 1. i dont think make up is a NEED but what i would definetly NEED is aveeno products! i have really sensitive skin, and i get sunburned easily, and aveeno is so gentle, and i love thier products!!!


    3. following already(^-^)

    thanks for the give away!

  64. 1. I would choose MAC, hands down. I don´t think their skincare products are amazing though. But at least they have their SPF 50 primer, that would help a bit on an island. If my skin sucks I still have all those wonderful foundations to cover it up lol

    2. Blog post on my blog:

    3. I´m a follower
    4. I´m an international follower

  65. hey hun hmmmmm; i would chooose burts bee, they are such a great product from skin care to hair care.

    i'm now a follower to your amazing blog & i posted a blog here

  66. Hey Lady! amazing contest and awesome question!!!

    Alright... sooooo... on a deserted island I would want maximum skin protection (you know how the elements can roughen you up), and my makeup would have to be sexy and light... with lots of face masks and scrubs... ohhhh... and don't forget to pile on the SPF!!! mmmmmmmm... (you are making me want to jump in the bath) :) sooooo...

    I think I would have to go with Lancome.

    I have been using their summer & night creams and LOVE THEM!!! They have incredible skincare (check out their cream rose cleanser), and their Juicy tubes are fresh, simple and sexxxxxy! Pair that with some amaaazing mascara and liquid liner and you've got a "stranded bond girl look". The smell of their products is beautiful and the look they give is healthy and natural!

    My blog (check for some lancome posts)

    and here is the link listing your contest:

    I am a follower too ;)

    YAY for your giveaway ;)

  67. Thanks for having this giveaway! You are so sweet :)

    1. I would probably choose Shiseido or Lancome because they have great cosmetics as well as great skincare products (and skincare is soooo important to me!!). I threw Lancome in there as a close second because I didn't want it to seem like I was repeating what you said haha... Although I really like MAC and NARS for cosmetics, their skincare products are really not the greatest, so for the total package I'd choose Lancome :)
    2. Reposted at:

    Thanks again! And good luck to everyone else :D

  68. I'd have to say Clinique's Skin Care and some make-up from there too. I truly love and believe in their products.
    Now since I would have 10,000 dollards to spend I would say I'd like to try La Mer. Right now I can't afford the cost. But a girl can dream.

    A follower ^_^

    Thanks for a chance to win MAC. And good luck to you and everyone.

  69. Thanks for having this giveaway!
    hmm I would have to go with Neutrogena because it just seem to work out for my skin and it doesn't make me break out which is awesome! I'll have glowing skin while on the island having fun :) hah

    I blog about this on my blog :

    hope you have a good day! and good luck to everyone!

  70. i already blogged about your giveaway: stranded in an island,huh?

    in that case, then ill not buy any cosmetic...
    ill just go for skincare...

    I haven't tried any shiseido yet..hehe

    Id just go for the classic Nivea..
    an endless tub of it, plus some lotions with SPF 50+++++

    I've proven that Nivea is really a good moisturizing good that it can even heal sores!
    im serious...i made a blog entry about it..about my lips & my dry skin..
    so i think its an ultimate overall product!

    an SPF lotion so to prevent any skin diseases..
    not because i wanna be white...but just to protect my skin...


  71. this is really generous of you :)

    blogged about it here:

    and i would choose the body shop! cause i love natural products and they have lots of bath and body items as well as makeup :)

  72. Narita! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. I love the question probe!

    It was hard to choose only one! So many great companies out there with great products! If I had to choose, ,my answer to the probe would be:

    Neutrogena cosmetic and beauty care products for the following reasons:

    1. This was my tie breaker, number one reason why I choose Neutrogena. Since I'll be burning in the sun like a baked potato, sunscreen is so important! Neutrogena offers sunscreens with high spf protection (100+) to protect me from UVB and UVA rays with the patented technology Helioplex (it has higher PFA values!).

    2. The company offers quality products that are pretty good for my skin. ie Pore Refining Cleanser. But they offer other great products too since this I think has alpha hydroxy acids which would make me more sensitive to sun.

    3. Neutrogena offers all-inclusive quality beauty products ranging from hair care, body cleansers, to hair care products for reasonable prices. If I'm stuck there for a very long time, I might as well have more bang for my buck! AND have all my beauty needs covered.

    4. If I was on that island for long, I might break out a lot. Neutrogena has personalized acne solution progam (SkinID) that might help me get rid of that.

    I was going to going to say something random and overly creative like I would buy stuff from Chiquita, fresh food providers or something like Burpee seed company so I can buy or plant all types of food crops. Since fruits are packed with great vitamins and other nutrients good for the skin, I will be able to make wonderful homemade masks AND stuff my mouth with wonderful foods. But then I don't have chickens, cows, or bees for eggs, milk/yogurt, or honey for my masks, unless they're indigenous to the island? I highly doubt it. AND they're not beauty brands, so I'm disqualified. lol!

    So much for my randomness. hehe.

    here is the link:

  73. Well...lets see...this looks prett awesome...I consider this a privledge to dip into your give away.....Love the the the comments...
    Thank you for doing this!!

  74. heyy
    soo i have heard so many great things from Mac, Stila, Bobby Brown et... but i don't own any products from any of them!
    so this is why i would chose Mac, i would be have so much spare time on this island that i would be able to properly test out the brand and find out if i liked it!
    it also has such a wide range of products that i could have things which would be suitable for all occasions that i may endure on the island from beach parties to hunting or food!
    if i got really desperate and hated the brand then i could use their wide selecting of brushes and make a warm hairy coat!
    and here is a link to my blog/post :)

  75. hello! if i'm going to be stuck in an island and is allowed to get products to stock up I would probably say MAC coz it has the only foundation that works for my skin, the eyeshadows are very pigmented, the brushes are awesome and the skin care specially the Fix + is a holy grail for me ^_^ thank you for doing this, you're great!

    Here's the link to my blog:

  76. Hey Beautiful! I'm new to your blog and following now! Please enter me into your giveaway!

    My answer to your question would have to be MAC! I am an addict so I need my fix! I woudln't even mind being on a deserted island if I had 10 g's worth of MAC boxes to swim around in! I'd look so good and made up while layin around on the island and getting bit by bugs! hahaha

    Here is my blog post:

  77. Welcome to the blogging world! If I could choose one brand, it would be Makeup Forever@ They're highly pigmented colors and its the only foundation that works for my inbetween skintone!

  78. Welcome to the blogging world..hope u enjoy..can't wait to read ur stuff.

    If i could choose one makeup brand to stock up on before i leave, i would choose MAC because there is only 1 MAC store in Trinidad (where i live) and it is pretty pricey for me to buy it online and down here as well.

  79. 1. i would haul for mac cosmetics since i have been dreaming of having mac items eversince i have been reading blogs. $10,ooo would give me all the mac items i was just looking at the site from time to time. aside from the fact that i can't afford it myself alone, the $10k would be a dream come true to me. i have friends using mac and i can obviously say that it really looks good on them.

    this mac give away blog would be fun. i wish to win this contest.

    2. please see my blog entry at :


  80. Hey Nartia :D!
    If i was suck on a desert island the brand i would choose would be Clinque, because they have an amazing facial care range and quite a nice makeup range

    I posted in my blog about this so heres the link
    ( )

  81. i'm joining this too!

  82. definitely Shiseido!!!!!!

  83. I would pick skinfood because that's the skincare line i'm using currently and it seems good so far. I wouldn't really need makeup since i'm going to be on a deserted island and i'll most likely be fighting for survival. xD

  84. Chanel. I Love their nail polish.

  85. Baby Sparks looks amazing!!

    If I was given $10,000 to spend on ONE brand before I get deserted on an island, I would choose...............NEUTROGENA. Because my must have cleanser is by Neutrogena. It helped clear up my crazy acne during my high school years. So I don't want to be looking like a pizza face again! I have look good for the waves! Haha. They also have makeup, so I can always give that a try=D

  86. Hi Narita, thanks for throwing this giveaway!

    If I was stuck on a desert island with $10k, I would stock up on some of The Body Shop stuffs! They have it from A-Z, from bath & body, to skincare & makeup. My skin reacts positively to their Vitamin E skincare line and not to mention I've been going gaga over their hair products! That's why I'd gladly choose them =)

    here's my link to your giveaway:

  87. i think if i were to get stuck i would bring neutrogena,my moisturizer is from neutrogena and i can also use some of their cosmetic line with SPF!!!.

    here is my link girl!thankss

  88. ooh! i'd like too win that dazzleglass. i hope i'm one of the lucky winners. :)

    If I'm stuck in an island and I have a whopping $10k to spend for just one make- up brand, It would definitely be MAC. Why?

    Because MAC's always been a favorite of mine. I first fell in love with their Studio Fix Powder plus foundation and tried their lipsticks, fell in love with it again and the rest is history. :)

    What's more, they also have skin care, tools, and perfumes so I'll have an awful lot to feed my beauty addiction.

    I love the lovely shades of MAC especially their eyeshadows. I've always loved experimenting with MAC colors and they have a good range of lipstick and lipgloss colors as well. Imagine the tons of looks I'll be able to create through mix and matching (ooh I can almost smell the 10k haha. :))

    And I'd love to give the inhabitants of that island some make- overs as well because I love doing the make- up of other people. :) And they need not to worry about scarcity. MAC's pigment is good and overall, it has a good quality so $10k worth of cosmetics will definitely last us long! :)

    2. linked your blog in my site sis. :)

    3. Philippines- based contestant. :)

  89. Hi,

    I would like to enter into this giveaway! :)

    1. I would spend the $10000 on Nars cosmetics, I love their eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, foundations and just about everythingelse hehe :)

    I currently don't have an active blog to post about your giveaway but I am a follower of your blog, I hope that's okay!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!


  90. Hey Nerita! I would love to enter your giveaway!

    1. Now if I had $10,000 to stock up on only beauty and makeup products before I leave I would have to choose Ambi because their products are excellent on my skin and works wonders for me. I love their acne soap aka the Black Soap bar, if you have seen it. If you have not tried this brand, I would say give it a go.

    My blog that I posted about your giveaway is:

    the direct link to the post is:

    Thanks for the excellent giveaway! Appreciate it!

  91. Hi Narita,
    I'd choose bodyshop to do my shopping because I like their skincare products and also the make-up line. Although I think that wearing make-up in a desert island is unnecessary:))

    Here is my link:

    Thanks for this giveaway and welcoming international bloggers:)

  92. Hi Narita !
    Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone ^_^

    If i have yo choose 1 brand, that will be Avene for sure, just for the skin care. But if i have to choose 1 brand for makeup products, this will be Mac without thinking ^_^

    Here is the link of my blog telling about you giveaway.


  93. 1.Hmmm diffucult question.. :)
    I love MAC and Nars but I wont choose them because of their skin care products...
    So, I prefer Clinique..


    3. I am follower of your blog

    4. I am International blogger

  94. Hi Narita,i think i would choose clinique to have all of its skincare and make-up products :)
    Here is my blog address:

  95. hello narita,

    if i was on a deserted island and and was able to stock up on makeup by one particular brand, i would choose alba. i love their un-petroleum jelly because it keeps my skin soft sals my moisturizer. afterall its super important to moisturize your skin.


  96. Hi Narita :)
    First of all thanks for the giveaway :)
    Confidence in the quality of the make-up make desert island brand Clinique skin care and makeup products that I would choose.

    I'm follower of your blog :)

  97. Hi Narita! got here from crystal's blog. this is a very cool giveaway.

    anyways, if i had the chance to spend 10,000 grand on beauty products, i initially though of MAC coz i loooove their makeup. however, if i will be stuck in a deserted island, then i'll probably stock up on skincare products and i'll go for clinique! :)

    my blog entry is here


  98. hello,
    ı'm from İstanbul,Turkey..Your blog's is very beatiful..
    ıwould choose Mac and lancome ..Ilove Mac..
    ı'm follower of your blog..
    my blog name's :

  99. Hello,

    1. I would choose M.A.C.; because I admire all of its items.
    2. I haven't got a blog:(
    3. I'm follower of your blog.
    And I live in Turkey.


  100. thank you for the give away:D they are gorgeus..

    i definetly choose Shiseido.

    here is my link

  101. Hi narita
    1. I choose 'Kanebo' cause I think it is the best : D

    2.Here is my link

    3.I am a follower of you

    I live in Turkey :D

    Good luck to everyone

  102. Hi Narita!! =) It's Shiseido for me, too! I've used this brand since I was 13... that's nearly a decade!!! And I can't imagine parting with it. It is my go-to brand when I need something, and it seldom disappoints! <---He he, I also added your link to my sidebar~

  103. hi,
    ı'm from İstanbul,in Turkey.. I would choose Mac and Murad .. but specially my favorite mac.
    I am closely following your blog..
    my blog name's :
    thanks bye...

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. hi,
    ı'm from İstanbul,in Turkey.. I would choose Mac and Murad .. but specially my favorite mac.
    I am closely following your blog..
    my blog name's :
    thanks bye...

  106. I'm Chris from Malaysia...

    If i have $10k, i definately will stock up MAC stuff, their skincare and make up collection is awesome...

    My blog link about your giveaway,

    I love the Mac Style Warrior in Gold Rebel, hoped i can get it...Hehe...

  107. Here's the link to the post that I made talking about your contest -

    & if I had to only pick one brand, I'd have to say OLAY. Just because they have cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, moisturizers with UV and SPF in it, and a bunch of other great products :)

    Thank you for holding this contest hun! <3

  108. Konnichiwa Narita!
    thanks for the lovely giveaway -i want some MAC lurvings...

    i gotta say Shiseido too!! Since it has a wide range of skincare spf, whitening emulsion and recently been a fan of Maquillage makeup from palletes to hydro cream and the lippie!!

    Your giveaway link to my blog:

    gudluck to all~~

  109. Hi Narita! It's very kind of you to have such giveaway :D

    I think I'd pick Etude House ^_^ I love their stuffs.. They have makeup and skin care too. Besides, they never break me out :D

    Here's the link to my blog:

  110. Ooohh..mac products! I've only tried 1 product from them XD
    Anyway, if I had $10000...I would spend it on P&J items..namely the skincare and base makeup.

    Thanks for the giveaway =)

  111. Hmm,i think i would go for Chanel.Because it's skin care line is as good as its make up products.Beside,it's the brand of divas' for me :)

  112. Oh, look at all these entries.

    1. I would use Make Up For Ever if I had the $10k. I think only because my skin won't break out with the foundations and their color selections and pigmentation are far superior than any other brand. I wish I could say MAC because they're #1 in such a vast quantity of different colors but it's a hit and miss with some and their skin products aren't that great. So MUFE all the way. Plus, I really don't own a thing from them. LOL.


  113. weeeh,,, i posted my entry here:

    10 thousand dollars on one brand.. arghh!! I am torn between SKinfood and Missha... I choose Missha.. I am loving their BB creams.. I want to try more from them..

  114. Oh wow what an awesome giveaway!! I am of course now a follower:0)

    Oh jeez just one brand??? I'm gonna have to go with MAC cause even though I could spend hours in Sephora trying brands I still always find myself wandering back to MAC.

  115. hi,
    ı'm from Agri,in Turkey.. I would choose shiseido suncream and roc soya cream enough for me .. but specially shiseido

    I havent got blog..:)thankyou for your giweaway.bye

  116. I, of course, would go for Clinique. Mac is my favorite makeup brand, but they are not too big on skincare, nor do they have that many skin care products. So Clinique would be fine with me , since I am already a fan of bother their makeup and skincare products.

    I am a follower

    Link to my post:

  117. i would choose "Alverde"(its a german organic beauty brand), cuz i love how the skin care works for me and at the same time i really enjoy the beauty products =)

    here is my post:

  118. Hey girlie, this is for your giveaway.
    If i was sent to a deserted island and had to choose one brand only to stock up with $10,000[this is so hard to do], but it would be Clinique.
    A. I think their products superb and are versatile. Whether it's facial makeup, lip gloss, lipstick, or skin care. They have something for us all; clean crisp packaging, products that suits different skin tones, inexpensive, and can be found almost anywhere!
    This is definitely a winner, thanx so much!*_*!

  119. Hi!.
    I would definitely CHOOSE MAC, coz some of their products is great and i think it's worthy...
    it's so expensive for me as a beginner when it comes in MAKE-UP...but the quality is the best...I WANT MAC PRODUCTS.....
    anyways...thanks for this kind of your new follower...hank you so much...
    here's my link..


    Well, this is a hard question. I think I would definitely choose MAC. I've tried about every single product and am happy with mostly everything.

    Thanks for the cool contest!

  121. Hi Narita!

    1. I would choose MAC. I've been lemming for MAC brushes for the longest time, and until now, I only have 2. LOL. So with $10,000, yeah, I'd buy all of them! =D


    Thank you for doing this! =)

  122. I think I'd pick Neutrogena. Nothing fancy but they have a full spectrum sunscreen that's the best I've ever used. The lip stuff is great too.Sandra A

  123. this blog is one of my favorites♥ =] I haven't tried entering a giveaway but I'll give it a go..

    1. Faceshop, cuz I want a large range of nailpolish 2 soap& I've used this brand. 2. Posted @ 3. Done!

  124. I think I'd choose Revlon. It is my first make up brand and I am still using it. With that money for sure I can buy a lot and share with family and friends. :)


    follow your blog too.

  125. Hi there! :)
    If I would have 10,000 dollars to spend on cosmetics I would definitely chose Essence, because it's good, it's cheap and it doesn't do any tests on animals. :)

    Here is my entry:


    Posted it on my blog.. Follower.. So check check :D

    Idk how much that would be in my money... But by the sound of it A LOT..a lot.. lols

    Only one brand O.O.. Hmm tuffy.. I think I would choose Bodyshop because they are a good brand I love the fact they aren't tested on animals and there so much range. All of their stuff smells amazing.. Their make up is nice.. I like the colours.. Doesn't irritate me either.

    So yep thats my entry.
    Keep Blogging.
    Shan xx

  127. Hmm if I could spend 10,000 on beauty and makeup products from just one brand. Man that'd come down to either Smashbox or MAC. Only reason i'm going with Smashbox is because i've actually used most of their products [how sad i'm a true blue newbie to MAC but LOVE it hehe] already and have had great results. Plus call me crazy but the face and body products really seem to be good and helping my skin become more soft and give a nice natural refreshed glow. So in all fairness because i've used the products longer and most of the products they have i'm going with Smashbox :)

    Just started following your blog

    Here's my blog posting on your giveaway..

  128. 1. I think it would be Body Shop, because I am fond of their showergels and I rather have these than makeup in desert island.

    2. I am a follwer now :)

    3. Here is my post

  129. I would have to pick the clinique line of beauty products. I think that they are fantastic



    thats the link
    first of all,i'd choose The Body Shop since it has almost everything,from SPF,body butter,shower gel,shower sponge ( deserted island still has woer right?unless u say in a desert),SPF two way cake,lip balm,mascara,aromatherapy candles and the pot,comb,cute mini pouch to carry all these stuff i bought.


    body shop rocks !

  132. i would choose MAC, was introduced to it in high school, didn't think of it much but after a few years they started to transform & add LE items with their collections...and the buying frenzy had began...

  133. Hi there!
    If i had to choose one brand it would be MAC. I like it.
    good luck everyone.

  134. Interesting PrBack Brushoduct Review!

  135. Too late.Too bad. I would have loved those items for myself.


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