Monday, June 8, 2009

My HG Cleansers: Philosophy Purity and Microdelivery Review

Good cleanser that removes all the dirt and makeup without drying is very important and I've tried many, before I found my Holy Grail Cleansers. Usually nothing suits my skin other than Asian brands. At first I didn't really care about these and even wrote a bad review on MUA mainly because of its scent. But its performance made me change my mind!

Purity made simple, one-step facial cleanser 8oz for $20
(I use it in the evening)
Philosophy claims:
  • deep cleans pores and eliminates makeup build-up
  • hydrates as it melts away make-up
  • contains deep cleansing agents
  • natural oil extracts help condition skin
  • fragrance-free formula
  • contains a unique blend of extracts for a unique, fresh scent
I think:

  • It really really removes the whole makeup! I used to use milky cleanser first and then foaming cleanser from Japanese Brand. Even after that when I wipe my face with toner saturated cotton pad I still had some makeup leftover. But with Purity I don't see leftovers. So it is a truly one step cleanser!
  • It semi foams
  • Doesn't strip my skin. My skin doesn't feel tight after use
  • Doesn't sting my eyes. Mild enough to use on eye area
  • Doesn't break me out
  • It has some weird smell. Not offensive but not pleasant although they call it fresh scent
  • The packaging. No pump so you have to lift it up and squeeze to dispense. It's inconvenient especially with 16 oz bottles!

Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash 8oz for $25
(I use this in the morning)
Philosophy claims:
  • exfoliating facial cleanser that provides immediate resurfacing benefits
  • a 30-second cleansing mini peel that can be conducted in the shower, in the bath or at your bathroom sink
  • regular exfoliation helps buffer fine lines, even skin tone and give the skin a healthy glow
  • gentle enough for daily use
I think:

  • It's great for morning use just to get rid of your night cream left overs. When I don't have makeup to remove why use other cleansers?
  • It has small grains and it's gentle but I have to do it real quick. Otherwise it might irritate the skin.
  • It foams unlike the Purity
  • It gets rid off dead cells
  • Leaves polished and smooth skin that's ready for morning skincare and makeup
  • No weird smell
  • Doesn't strip my skin
  • The packaging : hard to lift and dispense, inconvenient
However, I found a solution! Simply pour them into any soap dispenser......

.....and VOILA!
So convenient! :)
With these 2 you'll be fully taken care of in terms of cleansing! Give them a chance as I did and maybe you'll love them too! :)
What are your HG cleansers?


  1. Nice review, I will have to give the Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash a try. Thanks! :)

  2. cool, I'm going to have to give it a try, it's about time I get new wash :)

  3. hey there :) I saw your blog on the other ladies' blog, thought id leave some love. great blog. the nail tuts and makeup looks are awesome!

  4. Hey girl~
    Thanks for the review on these products. I have heard of these brands before, but have never tried any of their products.
    That is a great idea to put it into a soap dispenser and that one you have is very pretty. =)

  5. thank you for doing this review! you've really gotten me interested in the purity wash.

  6. i use this too! and love them to bits. :)

  7. Ah ha! Just when I'm running out of cleanser, someone does a cleanser review! Thank you Narita haha xD I'll definitely try out Purity.


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