Saturday, June 13, 2009

Olive Oil Scrub & NOTD

Hi, Beauties!
Summer is almost here! Time for less clothes and more skin! To me the "no fail" way to bring out the best of my skin is scrubbing.
I've declared to myself that I'll never buy a body scrub ever again after discovering sugar.
You've probably heard about DIY olive oil scrubs before. It's awesome and my take on it for rough areas is replacing granulated sugar with SUGAR CUBES!
Simply pour one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil over sugar cubes and wait till they get fully saturated!
How sweet is that?
Now scrub your stubborn areas like elbows, knees and especially heels to prepare for summer foot wears.
Also do it once a week or so on heel area to maintain the beautiful feet. Otherwise especially when we wear flip flops the dirt gets into feet so easily and dries and roughens the heels real bad.

Quick Tip: For body scrub wash just mix some granulated sugar with your regular favorite body wash cream or gel right before you use it.
Now who needs to spend some money on body scrub products?

Last but not least my NOTD: Zoya in Mischa
I'm in LOVE with this polish. It's cool pink and warm coral in one polish. The golden shimmers in it makes the difference I think.
Girly and Fun but Feminine and Sophisticated at the same time. Perfect for any day, any place and any occasion. Work, school, office, home, party, vacation, OMG there's something about this polish! Can't get over how perfect this is.
Ok, ladies hope you're having a great weekend! Tomorrow is the last day of my giveaway! And thank you, every single one of you beauties, for participating!

Stay Beautiful!


  1. love that polish! so girly & pretty

  2. OooOo omg it looks great~ i think im gonna give the DIY scrub a try =P looks fun too haha

  3. I just posted some new ones! First come first serve for now, but you can always email me too and we can work something out,


  4. That is a really great idea, haha I would never think to use sugar cubes

  5. oh sweet thanks for the oilive oil tip! :)

  6. sugar cubes! i haven't seen one of those for a while, i rem i used to play w/ them in kindergarten (haha weird I know, i think our teacher wanted us to use that to learn how to stack and count) hehehe...Thanks for the olive oil tip!

  7. great scrub idea!!! i heard one of my friends talking about this too!
    Thanks for showing thru lots of great pics! <3
    i'm going to try it tonight :P


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