Tuesday, June 9, 2009

OMG! I'm not NC30!?

Hi, Beauties! Silly thing happened to me this morning. I have to mention that I've never tried MAC foundations cuz I've witnessed my friends terrible break out long ago and was afraid to try. However I've asked MAC mua-s about my shade (for reference purposes) and every single mua have told me that I was NC30 Studio Fix. So all these years I used to refer to my shade as NC30.
The day I picked up my giveaway prizes I also picked up a sample of Studio Fix in NC30 (the mua also said it was my shade) to finally try if it would be kind to my skin.
So today I've gathered enough courage to apply it and ....then...it looked all WRONG! Picture below...
MAC Studio Fix NC30
(It even accentuated some little bumps that even I didn't know I had)

Confused, I applied my trusty Shiseido on the other side...and it looks right!
Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF42 in SP50 (I did a review on it HERE)
(Have to mention that I have nothing on my neck)

I'm so confused right now. Can so many mua's be wrong? I didn't want to offend them by asking to test on my skin when they say so confidently that I'm NC30 just by looking at my skin. Or my Kose White Essence worked wonders (although it is in fact doing a great job)?
I better stick to my Shiseido for now. But I still wonder what's my MAC shade is? What do you ladies think?
Stay Beautiful!


  1. yay.. nc30 does look darker on you..shisheido looked just right.. :D

  2. I just found your blog & i love it! I'll definitely have to link u!

    Yeah, I'm an avid MAC fan, and use NC35 normally, but it does seem to accentuate bumps that I never really had - maybe I should try using Shiseido, since it seemed to make your skin flawless. What compact / loose powder do you recommend?

  3. yeah i agree that you got a wrong shade narita. it looks darker compared to the color on your neck.

  4. wow that MAC shade is completely off! its too dark! maybe and I've heard of many ppl breaking out after using it =( I would say stick with what you have.

  5. hm. You should definitely ask them to apply it on your skin and tell them it looks wrong! D:

  6. hey hun- you are probably right in between an nc20 and nc25!

  7. you know what, some MAC MU artists aren't so good with shades even here in the philippines. i was asking to try out some concealer, and the girl said i was an NC30 too! i tried it on and it was definitely not my shade. i believe i'm an NC 25 or a combination of 20 and 25.

  8. nc30 looks dark on you. i think you're either an nc20 or nc25.

  9. yeah i think u r nc 20
    how come the MUA say u hv nc30??
    just swap it

  10. This is the exact thing that happened to me! More than one MAC mua told me that I was an NC30 and everytime they put it on my face, I was never wowed. So I never bought the foundation. Finally one of the muas looked at the color of my neck and said that I was def an NC20 and it was a perfect match! I bought it right then and there. I figured it could be the lighting?

  11. wow... nc30 def looks obviously darker than your neck!!!
    don't know what those mua are talking bout... pff...

    last time i went, they tried it on my skin before i bought it.. and they sed i was nc30 too :P

  12. oh wow they needed to test that on you haha...

    but still, i went in and some guy did my face. It's really not my shade, just more orange.. Like what I see from your picture too. it does seem to bring out bumps so im avoiding it! :/

    it has everything to do with the lighting in there! it's so bright !


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