Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Foundation Tag, Awards, NARS Loose Powder Review

Hi, Beauties!
I've been tagged long ago by Hottie Katrina M to do a post on products used to create my canvas such as foundations, concealers and powders. She has amazing makeup skill and I love her hair, long, healthy and shiny! Check her blog out, it's very entertaining!
I used to be a Tinted Moisturizer Girl cuz I couldn't stand heavy feel of liquid foundations and flat matte look of powder foundations.
Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer in Nude ($42) was good for a while till I felt I needed more coverage.
Since I live in So Cal, sun damage is inevitable: trip to beaches, driving for about 2 hours a day, sitting in a traffic jam with sun in your face and so on... hahaha!

Left to Right: My HG Shiseido, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light and Mineral BB Cream

As some of you know my Holly Grail foundation is Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 42 PA +++
My shade is Sp 50
I did a detailed review HERE and would recommend to everyone to give it a chance!

  • Now on to Estee Lauder Double Wear Light SPF 10 in Intensity 2
I used to use it before I found my Shiseido.
This is that perfect medium between tinted moisturizer and liquid foundation. Tinted moisturizer was too light of a coverage but on the other hand liquid foundation was too heavy for me. This one is light with decent coverage and great staying power.
It didn't break me out and doesn't cake on my combination skin.
Natural and dewy finish.
Foundation shades are so tricky! Don't you think looking at the picture? Even though it looks darker it still a good match for my skin tone.
  • Mineral BB Cream SPF 15 Shade: Skin Beige
My mom gave me this b/c it works good for her. Well, she's lighter than me and has dry skin.
To me it felt very heavy, creamy and gives cakey finish. Also it was too light for my shade so I've mixed it with Everyday Minerals in Medium Tan to get a perfect match.
now, I just mix it with my finger and Voila...
You can customize your foundation shades like this...
I have to say that it has a very good coverage but because of the heavy feel and cakey finish I wouldn't recommend it.

Now on to concealers!
Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette in Hidden Agenda.
I thought I'd give it a shot since it's got Allure Editors Choice Award. You can see I already have dents. I like it. It works good for concealing my under eye darkness and redness on my cheeks.
It has neutral, green and salmon shades with setting powder. I mix the green and neutral ones for my redness and neutral and salmon for my under eye circles.
To the right is my Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Concealer:
I have it in 02 Medium. What I like about it most is that it stays all day till I remove it. The only concern is that it has a tendency to settle into fine lines and make them more noticeable. So if you don't have fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes it would be the perfect concealer.
I use it on my "not wrinkly" places, hahaha, like my eyebrows! WHAAAT? Yes, you've heard me me right! I have a bad tattoo on my brows! One of the the mistakes of my youth! hahaha...
This concealer totally conceals the ugly tattoo leaving me a perfect canvas to shape my brows the way I want. That's why I love it!
Now, the product that I'm most excited about sharing with you ladies!
My NARS Loose Powder in Eden! I'm doing this review for gorgeous Steph who asked me about my loose powder.
Here's why I can't live without it: All of the sudden I've noticed that more and more people start complimenting on my complexion: at work, banks, supermarkets and malls. They would ask what skin care products I use? So I'm thinking, "I haven't changed anything about my skincare and makeup aside adding this NARS loose powder" This is it! This powder is making my complexion look better!
So here goes the review:
Price- $34
Size- 1.5 oz/ 45g
Don't let the price discourage you! You're getting a lot of product for your money so I consider it cheap. It will last you a looong time.
It comes in 5 shades and the "Eden" is perfect for yellow undertone and medium skin tones.
It doesn't give much coverage and color thou.
I use it as a make up setter and it gives just an amazing satiny finish: not cakey, not matte just perfect polished finish.
Also, it controls the mid day shine on my t-zone. I apply in the morning and it keeps the shine away almost all day.
It's a must for summer!
It comes with a powder puff which I threw away cuz that didn't work for me. Instead I like to use a big powder brush to lightly dust over my face.
I'm in love! Never thought that loose powders make such difference in complexion.

To the right is my Shiseido Powdery Foundation SPF 15 in I-20 Natural Light Ivory
It's convenient to carry around in my purse for a touch up. But I rarely need a touch up when I have my Shiseido Liquid Foundation and NARS Loose powder on.
So ladies these are what I use for my canvas. Now I tag lovely ladies who gave me following Awards. Thank you, beautiful Christel and Twinsouls for these awards! I'm honored!

Thank you cutie Chomfifi and Sassy Jadore for this wonderful award:
Thank you sweet Krystal for Kreativ Blog award:

You guys are AWESOME!
Stay Beautiful!


  1. i've read a lot of good things about the sonia kashuk palette. too bad it's not available here :(

  2. how much doe the Shiseido Powdery Foundation cost.
    By the way that nars powder sounds like a great product

  3. congrats on your awards hun!

    the nars powder looks so tempting i might have to stop by sephora and play with it a bit hehe

  4. Thanks for sharing your fav foundations, hun. I think I'm going to try the HG Shiseido since I luv Shiseido products and have never tried this product. Also bc you use it and you have great skin. =)

  5. lovely reviews and congrats for the award! I love nars but it's a bit pricey... Though you are right, you get what you pay for!

  6. wow. im going to take note of the shisheido foundation and nars loose powder.

  7. thanks for the all the info! i wonder if canada has sonia kashuk..i never noticed it before.

  8. yay chomsiri!! I love chom chom!

  9. i'm really interested in your HG foundation now :) looks pretty good :)

    oh! and i had an award for you too :P i had forgotten to tell u :P

  10. I wanna try the Nars Loose powder now! Thanks for your review :) I want flawless skiinnnnn!!

  11. Great post! Now you've created a few lemmings:)I've been meaning to try a BB cream but haven't crossed over the globe to Hong Kong or Tokyo these last few months. Crossing my fingers that I will be going soon. Is that Shiseido fndn available in North America?

  12. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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