Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sheet Mask Relaxation and 20 Pan Project Update

Hi Beauties,
It's been a week since my last post. Buying a home is one of the biggest events of ones life. Therefore it's exciting, challenging, upsetting, rewarding, stressful, blissful, confusing, educational and beyond....
So far escrow is going smooth. We've ordered appraisal and scheduled the inspection for Tuesday. But one thing is bugging me.... Another property I really really liked became available and here I am in the middle of the escrow wanting different house. I never thought that I would be in this kind of situation as I thought I was a very decisive person. Now I just can't decide, haha
Finally, yesterday I had a chance to put a sheet mask and relax.

After I put the sheet mask I like to saturate a cotton pad with left over liquid and...
...apply it on my neck. I think it helps my wrinkly neck a bit.

I love to spray my pillow with Aromatherapy Mists before I lay down with my mask.
My absolute favorite: Bath and Body Works Lavender Chamomile Pillow Mist
I'm resting my nails too. No polish during weekends! Do you see the yellowing on my nail? That's the downside of nail polishes :(

Now let's move on to my 20 Pan Project Update.
You should try this, ladies! It's not hard as Makeup Pan projects. It's easy and good for your beauty.
I have many lotions and creams laying here and there and still used to buy more. What's worse is that I wasn't using them on regular basis. Sometimes I was too lazy to put a body lotion before bed.
This project is encouraging and pushing me to use the products I have and it ultimately benefits me.
Product #7
Victoria's Secret Body Butter in Love Spell
My all time favorite scent
Great to use after bath or shower when your skin is warm and moist. The butter just melts and sinks in. Most of the time you can buy on sales like 5for $30 or 7for $35

Product #8
VS Body Scrub in Love Spell
It's a sugar scrub and lathers up very well. I love it for its scent.

Product #9
VS Beauty Rush in Honey Do
Body Drink Lotion
Love the Honey Dew scent. So sweet and realistic. I like to use it before sleep as my bedtime snack. Very light and moisturizing lotion.

Product #10 Shiseido White Lucent Whitening Eye Treatment
I bought it in hopes for reducing my dark sun spots around my eyes cause the claim:
Specially developed with Shiseido's own Spot Deacti Complex, this lightweight cream addresses both melanin formation and poor local microcirculation, two major causes of dark circles. The Dark Circle Targeting Complex reduces melanin and diminishes the appearance of melanin pigments.

BUT unfortunately it didn't do anything for me. I haven't noticed the slightest change. This is the only product from Shiseido that let me down.

De-luxe Foaming Body Scrub
in Rosemary Mint
Nice minty scent, good foaming, Apricot seeds really work hard on rough spots
Cheap $6 for 500 ml

Product# 12
Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist SPF 70
Nice cooling feel as you apply. I love it except for its strong scent. Kind of masculine scent so strong that competes with my perfume and actually wins over and everybody near me would think that I have a bad taste in fragrance, hahaha

Thank you beauties for reading!
Stay beautiful!


  1. I haven't been able to buy a house yet (b/c I'm still a student living with my folks), but I can imagine the frustration associated with the process.

    I love maskssss. My skin feels so nice and smooth after a mask, but it doesn't last too long so I gotta savor the moment hehe. I use this mask by SANA that has essence and soymilk in it... lots of excess essence that I can soak up with a cotton pad, but I use my hands to spread it instead hehe.

    I use Strawberry Champagne body butter from VS, but lately it had a strange hint of funkiness so I stopped using it. So sad, I was halfway done too!

    Welcome back though :)

  2. When are you moving into your new home and where is it at? Gosh homes in Sacramento are dirt cheap, but I dont want to end up buying a home and live next to ghetto people. :(

    I love the Bath and body works pillow mist, I have the same one :)

    I've been looking at the Neutragena SPF cooling mist and it looks and feels good (tried it out at the store) but its hard for me to distinguish that product is actually sunscreen. Im good with my sunscreen in a tube :)

  3. I've always wanted to try the Lavender Chamomile Pillow Mist! :O
    Does it really help you sleep better?

  4. i really like how you added the cotton pad to your neck! :) its good not to neglect the neck too huh :P

    i'm really interesting in the love spell lotion! :P my bf loves that smell :P

    i had a coupon for the pillow mist :P was wondering how well it works :)

    i like the 20 pan project :) i guess i should try :)

  5. a home = huge commitment congratz!take ur time & shop for the perfect one ;)

    uu products review!
    hmm sorry to hear shiseido not working so well for you..i would recommend diorsnow for whitening purpose & spots treatment! it works!

  6. wow! sounds like a really hard choice :| hope you decide soon! well i guess you kind of have to, haha..

    ooo so many products being used up!! very nice ;D

  7. It's sucha great idea spraying the pillow and putting on the mask^^ ur reviews*

  8. oh man. i wish the shiseido eye cream worked well :(

    but AGREED with the pillow mist! aromatherapy~

  9. man if only buying a home is as easy as buying makeup where you can return it if you dont like it lol.

  10. Great progress with Project 20 Pan! Must be great to finally use those products that have been sitting around.
    I agree with the Shiseido eyecream as I have one.. though maybe it was working at one point (or so I may have thought) but maybe it's just my imagination and desire for some sort of benefit for wanting such a product when I first got it.

  11. HI,

    I just came across your blog and I love it! It's so helpful, thanks for the tutorial on how to mend a broken blush. I'll have to try it soon.

    On more serious matters, sorry you're in such a stressful situation regarding your prospective new house! :(

    I'm really inspired by your project pan challenge, I think I'll start one myself, thank you! You have a new subscriber. ^^

  12. Hello. New follower. I think your blog is amazing. really interesting and unique. Feel free to come check out mine if you'd like.

  13. What a good idea to use the left over liquid and soak up a cotton pad!

  14. wow that's a really good idea with the sheet mask and the cotton pad! thanks so much sweetie, I'm def doing that in the future. I always feel bad about what to do w/ the left over liquid when I'm doing sheet mask :)

    and you are doing SO well on the project 20 pan!!!

    I have the same pillow mist, it smells! Sometimes I only spray onto my side of the pillow and the bf (who'd already be laid down at the time) would spring up again to request me to spray some on his as well. hahahahaha

  15. Tried this product and reallly like it. Thanks for the post!

  16. Thanks for the review :)
    Much love,


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