Sunday, July 12, 2009

Korean SPA Full Body Scrub, NOTD

Hi Beauties,
If you haven't been to Korean SPA and haven't tried their Full Body Scrub you should definitely try it. But it's not for ladies who are body shy because you have to be butt naked.
Let me take you through it:
It costs around $50
They'll give you wrist band with the number and key to the locker. You leave all the earthy stuff in there and enter to shower area to clean yourself. You'll find shampoo, conditioner and soap next to every shower.
Then you can use the steam rooms, sauna or dip yourself in hot tea tub till your number is yelled in Korean and English by a lady in black bra and granny.
She'll take you to side area with plastic covered tables. You get on it and let her do the job. I have to say it's totally different from other relaxing and pampering atmosphere spas. It's done raw. You just have to go with it. The result is amazing!
So the lady in black granny will start scrubbing you from your earlobes to your toes without leaving an inch. You won't believe what will come out of you! Big gray balls of dead skin will surround you. You'll be happy knowing that you got rid of them.
She'll rinse you, soap you and give you massage on your back and legs. It kind of hurts but we need it.
Then she'll sit you up and put face cleanser on your palms so you wash your face. After that she'll ask you to go to shower to rinse yourself clean. That time you'll feel your hands sliding off of your skin because it's super smooth.
When you come back to the table she'll cover your body with what I believe honey milk and put freshly made cucumber mask on your face. Then she'll wash your hair and give a head massage at the same time.
After that she'll rinse off everything and apply lotion on your body and you good to go but nowhere near the water.
Wow, feeling good as new you can go and sleep on heated floor room or watch TV or go through magazines while drinking coffee and having some fruit snacks they have in there.
The whole scrubbing thing takes around 1,5-2 hours and of course you can sleep as long as you want after that.
I'm hooked and try to go once a month for this scrub. The ladies work so hard and I think it should be more expensive but you leave them good tip with provided envelope and it's all good!
So ladies if you have Korean community nearby you'll find Korean SPA for sure and the procedure is very much standard. I've been to 3 different ones and it all was pretty much the same.

Between my scrubs I try to maintain my body skin without dead ones with this sponge.
Buf-Puf Body Sponge
Around $6
developed by 3M
I use it everyday and don't feel clean unless I use it. It works with any shower gel and foams them good. White side is for whole body and the blue side is for rough spots. You can buy online or at Walmart and Target I hope.
If you won't squeeze it it'll last you a long time. I just flick it to get rid of water after use.

Lastly, NOFD: Zoya in Barbie. Very pretty pink!
Zoya in Barbie

Thank you beauties for reading!
Stay Bautiful!


  1. WOW! that scrub sounds really intense!! x__x;

  2. o wow~ thanks for sharing the details on the Korean full body scrub. Yea, I'm a bit body shy, so I'm not sure if I'm going to try this. And for about 2 hrs? lol.

    That is a very pretty pink nail color. I think I need to give Zoya nailpolish a go. =)

  3. aside from being totally naked, i would looove to try the korean spas... omg..i hope i conquer this fear before i leave korea!! the scrub sounds amazing.

  4. I would love to try the Korean spa , u should also try the THai aromatic spa whenever u come here , it's sooo relaxing.

    I also love ur nail color,so pretty^^

  5. nice! i usually only focus on exfoliating my face and neck...
    but full body scrubbing is better!

    no wonder your complexion is so nice!!!! <3
    thanks for sharing! <3

  6. Wow that sounds like such a relaxing experience, I've never tried a Korean spa before! Do you get your individual room when they do the whole srubbing and message and washing deal? Thanks for sharing sweetie :)
    And good luck with your offers and let me know the good news ASAP :D <3 <3

  7. wow, i wanna try that kind of scrub! i once had a body scrub done but they didn't make me strip down, i wouldn't have minded though. yours sounds pretty amazing,will have to look for a korean spa soon :)

  8. Wow, so you're completely naked the whole time? Are there other clients around at the same time? It sounds quiet intense and I'd like to try it, buttttttt I"m so shyyyy about my bodyy....

    Zoya's Barbie nail polish is sooo prettty :)

  9. that was some pampering! blissful eh!
    body massage is ever so relax & rejuvenating...

    uu ahhh sweet candies nails

  10. oh yes, my aunt told me about the Korean spas, they're extremely thorough but kinda rough. and they yelled at her to take off her clothes. hahah. but they are very good.

    p.s thanks for the comment!

  11. If your interested there is a Korean Sauna in GA you can go to if you live around the area.

    Jeju Sauna
    3555 Gwinnett place Dr.
    Dulth, GA 30096

  12. That's sounds like a pretty cool experience. Your post actually inspired me to research Korean spas near where I I just have to muster up the courage to go to one!

  13. Wow!!!! scrub is great. Aleast i will try once.

  14. i think i want to try something like that after i give birth. it sounds super duper relaxing and at this point i need something relaxing lol.

    love the nail color btw. looks very complimentary on your hand. simple but cute

  15. That nail polish color is so so pretty!!! :)

  16. The nailvarnish is great!

  17. i absolutely love the colour on your nails^^

  18. What a Great Addition!
    Body Sponge

  19. I love the nail colour!

  20. My friend in Seattle just had it for her birthday. She said it was different but awesome. She felt so refreshed afterwards. I wonder if there are any in Louisiana??

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  22. Thanks for the review :)
    Much love,


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