Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NOTD and 20 Pan Project Update

Hi Beauties!
Here's a very pretty nail polish for summer if you are uncomfortable with bright and neon polishes which are so hot right now. Or if you're bored from modest "work appropriate" polishes and want to go a little bit bolder then try opaque polishes like this one.
First, I saw it on my bank teller girl's fingers and it looked gorgeous on her. I complimented on her nails and she was so sweet to tell me the name of the polish. Orly in "Kiss The Bride" ($5.99 at Sally's)
She said that she looked for this kind of color for months and finally found the perfect one.
2 coats (Very opaque cream finish)
This picture isn't doing any justice. I was afraid that it would make my now 2-3 shades darker hands look even darker but it did the opposite. It actually made them look lighter although this picture looks different.
It's not plain white. It's the prettiest, lightest light pink.
Compared to the plain white paper
I think this picture shows more realistic color of it
I really like it!
Now, on to my 20 Pan Project Update. For those who don't know about it, it's basically my commitment to finish any 20 beauty related products before buying new products.
From my just finished Feng Shui book I've learned that we, human beings hoard too much things we don't need and use yet still keep buying. That creates clutter which affects every aspect of our lives. If we really need to buy something then we need to make space for new one. So I'm making space for new products. It's gonna be FUN to shop after I finish the project!
As some of you know Lulu and Edna already finished their 20 Pan Project. Congratulations girls! Awesome job!

So I've finished thus far:

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Warm Vanilla Sugar
It has a very sweet scent as you can imagine from its name. Good during winter time to feel the comfort of it. Also I use it before I go to bed for my night time snack. Body looses it's moisture during night so we have to put body lotion before sleeping.

Shiseido Aqualabel Moist Emulsion
Around $30 (130 ml)
Wanted to try drugstore brand of Shiseido skin care item and it worked good. I used it for daytime moisturizer under my makeup. I can't stand heavy creamy texture on my skin and never use day creams. I use emulsions for its liquidy light texture. This one has very light scent and didn't break me out at all. Maybe I'll try its whitening one next time.
True Blue SPA Foot Cream
It was a life saver, or rather foot saver for me during times when I spend a whole day on my feet (shopping) I come home with burning, swollen feet or aching pinched toes and apply this cream and its Eucalyptus Extract cools down my feet and erases the pain. Also the Shea butter in it moisturizes and smooths rough spots.
Evian Mineral Water Spray
It moisturizes upper layers of the skin and refreshes during sticky hot summer time or in dry office and airplanes. Since it's just a pure water it's safe to spray all over your face without worrying about the eye and lip area.
Thanks Beauties for reading!
Stay Beautiful!


  1. Must say, the nail polish is a very pretty shade of pink, and well done for finishing your products- keep up the good work on your 20 pan project!

  2. i don't even like pink but i do like that nail polish :) and WOAH, 20 pan? good luck! :D

  3. This is an awesome project!!!
    And that nail colour is gawj!

  4. I love that nail varnish, is it long last?

    good luck with your 20 pan project, i would never be able to do that!

  5. Good luck on your 20 pan project.

    I've actually been on the 10 pan project, but strictly on cosmetics since June 1. I'm starting to get withdrawals.

  6. that 20 pan project sounds like a long time! goodluck with that =] and that nailpolish is very pretty!

  7. yaay. Im only doing a 10 pan project. =) good luck with 20 pan.

  8. Congrats on hitting pan on 4 more items :) You're awesome!

    The nail polish color looks really pretty. I noticed the same when I used a really light polish on my nails. Everytime I look at my hands, they look lighter. :)

  9. such a pretty color!
    i have a nail polish that is similar in color but it is quite sheer :( This Orly one is much more intriguing to me :P

    and this 20 pan project is such a great idea!!!
    I should start something like this too :P

  10. I just came across your blog and I must say, I adore it!! I've read it all this morning and can't wait to read new posts!
    You are really beautiful and have such a great sense of style :)

  11. That is a pretty nail color, but it looks a bit too... milky? for my tastes hehe. Looks great on your nails though.

    Eeesh, pan 20 project seems tough. I could never do it haha! Good luck! :)

  12. I love the color you used on your nails. I always use Essie nail polishes... gotta try that Orly in "Kiss The Bride.

  13. The warm vanilla sugar stuff looks like an amazing product..pity you cant eat it it sounds yummy!!


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