Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Perfect Bra

Hi, Beauties!
I just finished reading a Feng Shui book and wanted to share something with you ladies. I read that it's bad to wear a bra with underwire as it may be one of the causes of breast cancer. The author, Karen Kingston, says that everything has energy and metal wires act as antenna to conduct harmful electromagnetic fields from computers and TV set.
She also mentions that "In countries where women have only recently began wearing bras, breast cancer is only now becoming known".
Now, I'm thinking to toss my underwire bras. They were uncomfortable anyways!
I own most of Victoria's Secret bras and love just one which I strongly recommend to every one!
It's Very Sexy Wireless Push Up Bra!

Now I'm thinking to get every color from this bra. You won't compromise ANYTHING with this one.
  • Supportive
  • Perfect cup shape- you know how some bras have weird cup shapes: too pointy sharp, too saggy, too far, too close and so on
  • The cut is perfect. Not too high so whenever you want to look sexy and wear top with cleavage the bra wouldn't show up
  • Satin, so it's smooth under tight clothes, no bumps and texture
  • Wireless
  • Infinity Edge eliminates visible lines under clothes
  • Price $45 Now on Sale $33.50
But I just got one for $19.99 at the store. It was sage color. The other colors like black and nude weren't on sale at all. I guess it depends on colors.
Since they are having semi annual sale I also got me silk summer robe:
It was already on sale for $35 but they've had additional 50% off on sleepwear so I got it for around $18. Yay! Silk kimono style robe for $18??? It's light as a feather and feels so good on my skin. I feel like a butterfly!
So, ladies please consider wireless bras and have a great LOOONG Holiday Weekend!
Stay Beautiful!


  1. i always found wireless bras more comfortable o=
    it's a pity its not as common as wired ones. Dx alot of pretty laced bras are wired

  2. they are a bit uncomfortable, but it makes the twins look nice instead of MIA. lol

    and that kimono robe looks so comfy. i want to get myself one but they are so expensive at vs

  3. i don't use bras with underwires either...i really want that VS one, looks comfy! and the robe looks so luxurious :)

  4. That's interesting,but is it a scientific finding with proven test and results?I wear mostly wire bra, but usually go braless once I reach home.that's most comfortable IMO :D

  5. o.O interesting. that VS bra does look nice though :) and that robe! oh my goodness! i would feel like a princess xD

  6. oh no! I always use underwire bras!!! but you are right, they are uncomfortable and hard to wash/store as well. that's a really good deal on those VS bras, I gotta go take a look :)
    ps-hehe my word verification is "pushoof"...while are are on the topic of push-up bras :p

  7. That's pretty scary. I usually wear the underwire ones. Im gonna stray away from them now.

  8. thanks for sharing this info!
    hm.. you're right... wire bras are not very comfortable anyway.. haha!

    I like your silk robe by the way! looks very smooth! i'm a sucker for silky stuff! :P

  9. I totally agree about the VS bra. They are so comfy!

    Thank you for following me. Hope you joine my first giveaway/contest.

  10. ahh... I love that VS bra... looks so comfortable, too bad I can't find much of them here in Indonesia, ah, I feel so left behind. I've always wanted one (or more). Should I really buy bras online? LOL.

  11. I find underwire bras are very annoying to sleep in. I really love the VS push up bra! But I am from Australia and can't get them here:( anyway love you cute blog!

  12. oOooo, I have like all the VS bras, but not this one! I should try it. I think I avoided this one just because it was wireless. But after hearing that it could be the cause of breast cancer...maybe I'll switch over.

  13. Wow, I never realized wired bras = more proned to cancer. All my bras are from VS but they're the very sexy push up ones! DARN, time for an expensive switch over!

  14. I love buying things on sale. I don't think I'd buy very many things if VS didn't have their sales because normally everything is so expensive.

  15. omg really? thats crazy. wired bras are so uncomfortable anyway ugh!! the VS bra looks really good. its wireless and it gives the lift that. will make a note of this for sure.

  16. hehehe I just ordered stuff from their semi annual sale too! I hate paying full price for their stuff... cuz the quality is so-so and it's so expensive, plus they usually go on sale anyways

  17. I hate wired bras. Honestly, go au natural. Ha ha ha. It is the best. Your breasts will thank you. :D

  18. Goooooood luuuuuuuckkkkk with your offers!!!!! Keep me updated hun :)

  19. Oh really? I didn't know TFS prices differ by location. If I go to LA any time soon, I'll bring you some $6 ones! hahaha. I still really want to shop around LA though, because you guys have a lot more stores than we do!!! :)


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