Friday, July 17, 2009

Update and Mending Broken Powder Makeup

Hi, Beauties!
How you've been?
Long time no post, I know! Last few days were hectic! Some of you might know that I'm trying to buy a home and it's nothing close to a piece of cake, I tell you.
I thought, since the market is slow it would be much easier but every home I liked had multiple offers and they're getting sold for more than their listing price. My realtor says that its typical during summer.
So, finally I've received a counter offer to my offer and I had to negotiate and sent counter counter offer which has been accepted today. That's why I'm feeling a little more relaxed and checking your blogs out ladies! :)
My realtor said that the hardest part is yet to come when we open escrow on Monday. :(
Now, on to the beauty related stuff.
A while ago I read a How to post on Katrina Is The Princess blog on how to repair your broken powder makeup and decided to mend my most favorite MAC blush in Joyous (LE)
My poor blush... I broke it while depotting it...:(
Now thanks to gorgeous Katrina I was able to make it all better!
She said Rubbing Alcohol is OK and you'll need a spoon... that's all..
So, I've added 1/2 tablespoon of alcohol on my blush...
It turns to a paste which you can shape however you want...

....and VOILA!
Now we have to wait for the alcohol to evaporate and blush to dry. By next day it's ready to use! Yay! I'm so happy that my favorite blush is in one piece!
Thanks Beauties for reading!

Stay Beautiful!


  1. so simple! i was just watching tuts on how to fix blushes, then pop, you post a solution! :)

  2. wow, what a great tip! I'm sure that this little bit of knowledge will come in handy in the future.

  3. WOW..I didn't know it was that easy^^;thanks for sharing

  4. Good luck on househunting :) Hope you get the home you want. How much are the prices in the LA area?

    Thanks for the repair your blush/eyeshadow tip! Maybe I should try that on my completely shattered eyeshadow!

  5. wow...don't know when I'll be able to buy a house of my own :P still got a long ways to save :P haha..
    good luck on that though :) Its nice to know that you got some relaxing time still :)

    aw.. poor blush :(
    Good thing you got a spoon and alcohol ready in hand!!! :)

  6. Wow I didn't know it was that simple! Lol. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Good luck finding a house! Im so happy for you! I cant wait to read your post about your dream home!! :)

    Isnt fixing your makeup the easiest thing evaaaa! That bronzer I broke...has been broken for YEARS! hahah until I found out about this lil trick.

    That blush is amazing! I may need to find one on ebay since its LE. Its such a gorgeous pink! ahhh! Im drooling. Yeah if I would have broke that I would have cried!

    I'm so glad you used this trick to bring this gorge blushy back to life! :)

  8. Woah it's amazing what you can do with alcohol! This is so simple! Thanks for sharing!

  9. eeeek a hate it when this happens.. Thankfullily we can mend it in such a simple/easy way :D thanks for the heads up :D

  10. Wow such a simple but very useful method. Thanks for sharing

  11. omg dont u hate when they break over depotting?!?! im glad you fixed yours, but quick question.... does the color stay the same after all the alchohol u put? thx..

  12. omg this is a great tip. so easy to do. im gonna do this to one of my mac e/s.

    good luck on buying and getting your new home. i hope you get the right one :)

    i always like watching hgtv shows like "property virgins" and "house hunters" and it gets pretty intense and stressful.

  13. Wow! I didn't know that you could use rubbing alcohol to reshape your make-up! Thanks for writing about this! Now, I can go fix some of my make-up!:) Check my blog out,too:
    Hope you join!

  14. omg that's such a good trick =D thanks for sharing. good luck with your house hunt x3

  15. Hi, i am Lisa, i just wanted to share with you the pictures of nail art that i published in my blog. The nail-art is inspired by your wonderful video, so i though that i may be interesting for you. Thanks for sharing great idea, i mention in my blog that this is whole your idea :) Thanks . Lisa

  16. Oh I know what you're saying abt the house, I'm on the hunt for a house too n haven't found what I like. I'm glad you've found yours :) can't wait your post abt it!
    And thx for the tips for broken powder, I never know it's so easy like that :)

  17. yayy that's so cool!!! I just cracked an eyeshadow palette today during moving :( I should try this method when I get a chance! Thanks hun. Hope everything's going well with the house!!

  18. That is one pretty blush! I'm glad you fixed it! =D

  19. hey sweetie~
    I also haven't been updating for awhile if you notice on my blog.
    Wow~ That's so aweseome that you're going to buy a house. Yea, it isn't easy and lots of stuff to take care of esp. escrow. I would luv to get my own place in a few years, but we'll see. lol. I hope everything will go smoothly. =)

  20. Thanks for the tip! I tried this out with one of mine and it worked like a charm

  21. Dont you just love bringing a shadow or blush back to life??!

  22. My Joyous blush broke too! I was so mad, but I tried to fix it in a similar manner and within a month it got all cracked again... still usable but I have to be super careful with it. Hope your's works out better, this is one of my favorite blushes of all time!

  23. It never happend to me but if it does, now I know I'll be able to fix it ;)

    Thanks for the trick :)

  24. That was absolutely great!


  25. Thanks for the review :)
    Much love,


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