Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lost 6 lbs With This and 20 Pan project Update

Hi, Beauties!
I used to be a girl who wouldn't gain an ounce no matter how much I ate.....looong time ago....
Three years ago I've turned to a gal who has to work out constantly to maintain the weight.
Usually I walk (won't lie by saying that I run) 5 days a week up the Mt. Hollywood and do muscle toning exercises in the evening. All this hard work just maintained my weight at 123 lbs. If I stop walking my weight would easily go up to 129 lbs in a week.
But now I'm 117 lbs and maintaining for a month. It's a Miracle! WHY? Cuz I haven't even walked nor worked out last month due to the house hunting!
My diet is in disorder due to the stress and I'm even eating more.

Only GOOD thing I did for myself last month was: I replaced coffee with Green Tea.
I read somewhere that green tea makes the waist tiny and I was sold. I mean, we all heard so many good things about green tea before but idea about tiny waist sounded way more appealing and encouraging!
So now I'm a green tea addict and my favorite is Jasmine Green Tea. I drink 4-5 cups a day. I've added a cup of Black Tea a day after hearing that it prevents breast cancer.
The green tea is really helping with my waist by burning my ugly tummy fat! :)
I'm positive that my new addiction played an important role in my weight loss. So ladies, give it a try. You have nothing to lose (other than inches from your waist ) but have so much to gain (health and beauty wise)!

Now on to my 20 Pan Project Update! Loving this project! It made me save so much money. I used to spend $150-$400 a month on beauty products and I haven't spent a penny since I've started this project in June.

Product #13
Shisedo Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 42 PA +++

My HG Foundation! I'm not panicking cuz I have a back up. I did a review on it HERE

Product #14
Victoria's Secret So Sexy Shampoo & Conditioner

It smells nice and sexy. Decent shampoo. I couldn't wait to finish it so I can start my Tsubaki Shampoo that I hauled not long ago.

Product #15
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Body Glimmer Swirl Cream in Honey Do

I loved its realistic honey dew scent. Like the subtle glimmer (not shimmer) of it on my arms and legs.
5 More products to go! It was easier than I expected!

Thanks Beauties for reading!
Stay Beautiful!


  1. Yay congratulations on the weight loss, and gain in the wallet haha! I actually have tea sitting around, but I just need to drink it more (not a huge beverage fan in general...more of a muncher unfortunately). This motivates me to give it another shot.
    I need to start a project pan project! All the money I'm earning this summer with my first job is flying out the window towards products that are stacking up quickly >_<...

  2. Uh uh thx for the tip off,I have a pack of green tea sitting around in the pantry,should make use of that :D
    Looong time ago I never have to worry about my weight (or maybe I don't care??hahaha) but now yeah I need to start counting the calories :D
    I will try the green tea and let you know!! :D

  3. I loooove green tea, I think I could swim in it! I hit 32 recently and the past year or so I am slowly gaining weight so I should start drinking it more often. Thanks for the tip :D

  4. Hmm, I might give green tea a try... I need to lose my jelly belly!

  5. I really do try to replace coffee with green tea, but it's somewhat hard for me. I drink both coffee and green tea. Coffee in the morning and green tea in the afternoon. Maybe I should try just drinking green tea and no coffee. hehe.

  6. Ohh Ive heard about the amazing effects of green tea I need to get on that train! I did for a little bit, but I dont know why I stopped! it tastes so yummy too and feels so nice when its warm! :) Thanks for reminding me of how amazing green tea is!

  7. i really need to start drinking green tea instead of coffee! ive heard alot that it helps you lose weight =] thanks for mentioning/reminding me about it! =D btw, congrats in sticking to the pan project! omg i think ill fail within a week or 2.. lol

  8. you're well on your way to 20 items!! :) woohoo!

    and i really gotta get my hands on some of this jasmine green tea!

  9. Congrats on the weight loss, and thanks for the green tea tip. You've almost hit 20 pan :)

  10. Thx for sharing! I should drink more green tea and less sugary drinks!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS! i'm sooo happy for you! it's so funny... my numbers are just like your except i haven't been able to get under 120 lbs in a couple of years. i will try this! thanks for the info!

  12. Wow, congratulations on the weight loss! Sorry to hear you're stressed though. :(
    I'm going to try to switch to green tea, but I have to keep one cup of coffee a day ;) Too addicted!

    And good job on the project 20 pan! I'm doing 5 pan and finding that hard!! haha

  13. i definitely need some green tea.

  14. oh!
    so I think I should start to drink green tea too! I will ! ^^

  15. I actually love green tea but never replaced it with coffee I think I should start from tomorrow,thanks...

  16. Oh interesting! I didn't know that green tea could make you slimmer! May have to try that now! 4-5 cups is a lot! Does green tea even have caffeine in it though? If not, then who cares! =)

    Great job keeping up with your weight! May have to keep that tidbit of info in my back pocket!

  17. Ohhh thats great! Keep up the good work~!

  18. Wow thanks so much for the tip hun! I'm grabbing a thermo of green tea to work tomorrow :) Hopefully it works for me too!!! I haven't been drinking all that much coffee lately, but all the stress has been making me eat a lot more (and a lot less healthier because I had no time to cook homemade meals at home)...I need to finish unpacking soon so I can go home and relax instead of go to work during the day and then go home and unpack/organize the becomes a really tiring cycle!
    And keep up with your good work on Project 20! You are doing so well :)

  19. Definitely going to drink more green tea from now on! :D Thanks!

  20. My mom drinks ice cold green tea daily and it totally suppresses her appetite. I don't really like the taste but maybe i should just suck it up and drink up unlike my sister mel who hasn't gained a pound in years (so jealous) :) Keep up the great work!

  21. Wow.. Thanks for the tip.. I'm heading out to buy some green tea asap.

  22. omg me too...back in highschool and 2 years in college, i can eat like a pig and i always stayed skinny. Now, i have to watch what i eat or else my my jeans are gonna get tight on me lol.

    i love green tea. it really does so many wonders to the body. its also good to drink it after having a heavy meal.

  23. Yay for your weights loss. I never knew green tea can help lose weights in the waist. Thanks!

  24. Tea is definitely great for anyone's diet even if you are not trying to lose weight. I love green tea and drink it all the time. Congrats Narita and keep it up!

  25. wow!thanks for tips on how to maintain weight :P
    i really need that now coz i dun think my metabolism is workin as good as it used to :P

    wow~! 5 more products to go! Go Narita!! <3

  26. Hi Narita, I'm going to try replacing coffee with green today!! Started today~ Hope I'll have as much as success as you did..

    Blogged here

  27. I like green tea should drink it more XD

    and congrats on the weight loss.

    great post ^^

  28. Congrats on losing weight! :) That's really exciting hun <3

    & I used drink green tea all the time because I thought it'd help me lose weight too. But then I was drinking too much or something because I'd start getting caffeine headaches when I didn't drink my daily amount of tea. SO I dont' drink it anymore very much

  29. replacing coffee with green tea is a great idea, i hear coffee is not good for you! and green tea has antioxidants in it that will make your skin look younger longer. Don't know if that's true but that's what I heard! :)

  30. lucky you being at 123lbs! i think i totally went over 130lbs by now cuz of korea haha
    the green tea is a great idea, i need to start doing that more often

  31. I love green tea,too.. ^^
    Congratz for the weight loss..I'm happy for you,too.. ^^

  32. I will have to pick that up again. I'm definitely needing to lose some belly fat. I just can't stick to it long enough. My problem is finding one that I like. I'll have to get a variety box next time I'm at the store. Thanks for the info.

  33. I used to be a girl who wouldn't gain an ounce no matter how much I ate.....looong time ago....

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    Much love,


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