Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recessionista Is New Fashionista

Nice 100% Silk print dress from Banana Republic. Used to sell for $280. They had a great sale and I paid just $24. Yay!! The belt is from there too. Italian leather belt for $20. Another good deal… The dress was 2 size bigger but hey, for the money I made it work, I think. lol

Brush Holder Makeover! Finally...

Thanks to EnKore on Youtube I'm finally upgrading my brush holder. His Sephora Inspired Brush Holder Video made me get my behind to Micheal's. So here's the Before Picture:
All mixed up and touching each other...

After Picture: Face & Eye Brushes Are Separate!
Used $1 Glasses from 99 Cents Store:
Vase Filler From Michael's-$5.99
Color Beads From Michael's-$2.99
Used a Ziploc Bag to mix Beads with Filler
Shake, Shake and Shake That Thang!
Fill the glasses and tie a cute bow (Ribbon $1 from Michael's)
...And Voila!
Watch The Video on Youtube

Monday, April 27, 2009

How Old You Really Are???

So, it was my birthday a few days ago and my awesome coworkers got me a surprise Birthday Cake!
The Question Mark Candle was as much of a surprise as the cake! It really made me ask myself questions such as: "Oh! Is It My Birthday Already?, How Old Am I Now?, Am I Getting Any Wiser as I get Older?, What Have I Accomplished In My Life? Blah, blah, blah.... and Where Should We Go Out Tonight?
We've all heard sayings like: She looks Younger Than Her Age, He's A Kid At His Heart, He's Grumpy Like An Old Man...and so on. So what really defines AGE?
I've recently found very helpful website: (Oprah's doctor Dr. Oz is one of the founders)
On that site you can take a free Real Age Test which determines your Real Age vs. your Calendar Age.
All you have to do is answer questions about your Health, Habit, Diet, Relationships and Fitness. Then they'll calculate and show your Real Age. My Real Age was 2 years younger than my Calendar Year. YAY! I don't care about my Calendar Age anymore!
When you register they send you weekly e-mails with priceless info about diet, fitness, beauty and such. One should definitely check it out!
So, How Old You Really Are???

Have You Ever Tried French Watermelon?

Me neither, until last Saturday when I was in mood for something fun....something FUN like this:



I know, I know! I'm not supposed to play with my food!

But It's FUN!
If you'd like to try the French Watermelon, I have a tutorial video.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spontaneous Nails

Ever since I did China Glaze Haul I couldn't stop playing with them. My friend tells me that I look like a kid in a toy store. He's right! I FEEL like a kid in a toy store! ;)
Last couple days were record breaking HOT, here in LA. Temperature reached 100 degrees and I've heard that it broke 96 year-old-record! How about that?
Well, it certainly felt like summer and it was a perfect excuse to play with my bright polishes.
I have on Spontaneous with Secrect Peri-wink-le tips. This design came spontaneously just as the name of the polish, and after doing my nails I went out to take pictures of it.

That's when I found this beautiful flower. I had to take pictures of it.

Not only did I take picture of it but also took it home with meee.....heheheee...

The flower made my day, the day I made my first video ever. Check it out! Thank You!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Beauty Tip: Satin Pillow Case

Every morning I watch Regis and Kelly Show on ABC7. Well not really "watch", the program is in the background while I get ready to work. Besides, I adore Kelly Ripa, not only is she funny but also gorgeous and has beatiful skin and hair. Oh, I like her arms too.... Kelly Ripa's Ripped arms!!! (I should start working on my arms. Maybe tomorrow, which never comes! lol.. ) Anyways, she's been talking about her hair and about why we shouldn't wash our hair everyday kinda stuff.. I try not to as well but when Iwake up with that all beat up hair, I can't help myself not to wash it. So Kelly is saying that her hair stylist suggested her to sleep only on satin pillow cases which doesn't mess up the hair that much. She tried it and she really felt the difference. Another good thing about the satin pillow cases, she continues, it doesn't wrinkle your skin. That's IT! lately I could literally see pillow case fold track on my chicks and it was really bothering me. As my skin is loosing its elasticity, it gets very easy for anything to damage my skin. I know, I know we should sleep on our backs to prevent wrinkles! But it seems like I can't control myself while I'm sleeping, because ...well, I'm sleeping!!! With that said, I have to get one PRONTO! Update will follow after trial....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shiseido Lasting Lift vs. Apple Super Lash Mascara Review

I've heard a lot of great things about this Apple Super Lash Mascara and had to try it myself. I've been told that this mascara is perfect for Asian lashes which are hard to keep curled all day long. Unlike some lucky girls I have the same concern and there were no other mascara that held my curl other than my HG Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara.
Bought from Ebay 3 for $13


As you can see from the pictures, there is nothing fancy about the Apple mascara, very plain packaging and a basic brush.

So I've tried the Apple mascara and pleasantly surprised how it is in fact could hold my curl. I've got almost the same result as my $23 Shiseido for just $4 Apple mascara. Furthermore, it was easier to remove compared to Shiseido which is a big plus. Another nice thing was after I put the Apple my lashes felt soft like it's been conditioned unlike my Shiseido which hardens it. I guess it is thanks to the Mamey oil it has in it. Very much likely to replace my HG Shiseido mascara. I'm excited!!!
Here comes the result pictures:

Shiseido on my right eye (on your left side) and Apple on my left eye (on your right)
Very confusing... isn't it?
1 coat each PLUS L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black... WHY???
I have to do it because Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara doesn't do any of the lengthening and volumizing job. It just keeps curls up all day without fall outs and smudging. On the other hand, another plus for Apple, it volumizes but not to the extend of other mascaras like L'Oreal, CG Lash Blast or MF 2000 Calories. Forgot to mention that it also doesn't flake and smudge.

This is after 10 hours ladies!!!
With other mascaras my lashes would have been pointed downward already!

Please consider that on the previous picture I was looking up but if I wasn't it would've looked similar to this one. Ok, with that said, you still can tell that Shiseido held my curls better but Apple wasn't that far considering the price.
Bottom line: I'll buy it again.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

China Glaze Mini Haul

As I mentioned earlier I'm stocking up Bright and FUN Summer nail polishes. I've got my little package in the mail today and thought I would share. I've got 1 OPI and 7 China Glaze polishes from as Tao recommended and very satisfied with their service and price. The shipping was fast and the polishes were packaged with care. They came safe and sound as you can see from the picture. :)
China Glaze- $2.60
Sipping to Los Angeles-$9.96
No Tax

Shipping will wary on volume of the products and your location. Also you'll never know how much your shipping will be until you actually confirm the order which I found very odd. However, mine turned out not that bad. I still got a good deal and I have to thank Tao for that (

Let's get to the colors. From left to right:
OPI Let Them Eat Rice Cake- I was looking for opaque neutrals! Yay!
V, Naked, Atelier Tulle, Spontaneous, Bahamian Escape(I love the color as much as I love the name), Secret Peri-Wink-le, Bermuda Breakaway.

I couldn't wait to put them on and here come the crazy fingers!!!

From left to right: Spontaneous (2 coats), Atelier Tulle (1 coat), Naked (2 coats), V (2 coats), Secret Peri-Wink-le (2 coats), Bermuda Breakaway (1 coat), Bahamian Escape (2 coats), OPI Let Them Eat Rice Cake (2 coats)

Thanks for reading! I'm off to play with them! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello and Goodbye!

Finally, after putting it out for so long I'm starting my blog! Yay! Kinda late, but hey! Better Later than Never! Right?
In the meantime, I'm saying Goodbye to my dark nail polishes as summer is approaching. Fun summer time, time for Fun Bright Colors! I'm expecting China Glaze polishes in the mail. I'll do some swatches and post pictures once I get them. Can't wait!

Goodbye my Lincoln Park After Dark! Two coats. I've really enjoyed it during winter.
But now it looks kind of dull and boring, so I've decided to juice it up a little bit. Here it is with some glitter. Now it's Lincoln Park Under The Stars!
It does really remind me of space...galaxy...universe... oh no no... don't even go there! (I'm telling myself)... cuz I know if I get started on topics like power of universe and such, I won't stop!!! I'll save it for later!
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