Monday, March 17, 2014

Everyone is Irish on St. Patty's Day! 3D Lucky Clover Nail Design!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Beauties!

Are you wearing green today? Well I'm wearing green on my nails.

 4 leave clover for GOOD LUCK!

This 3D effect can be easily achieved by placing 4 heart shaped beads!

 Find these in any beauty supply and craft stores! 
Such an easy to do design! 


Have a safe St. Patrick's Day! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

My HG Bath Soaps: Pimal Elements Soap Bar Review

Hi Beauties!
I'd like to share with you my HG (Holly Grail) , Can't-live-without bath soaps. They are from a company called Primal Elements.
Just take a look at these:

I've discovered them first in a Luxury boutique at Paris Paris hotel in Las Vegas 4 years ago. These are my first 3 soaps I bought:  Cosmopolitan (MY ALL TIME FAVORITE), Cherry and Fleur de Lis. $9 each 6 oz

 Initially the design, craftsmanship and scent attracted me to by them. But when I bathed with them I fell in love with rich lather, the feel, the scent and most importantly how I smelled after the shower. You enjoy the unique to design scent during shower but after shower it's just squeaky clean, fresh scent on your skin that lasts almost all day. 

For example: The Cherry one smells like real ripe cherries while you're bathing but after the shower there's no cherry scent... maybe a hint... but clean and fresh smell is dominant. 
These are high end handmade, vegan soaps made with pure essential and fragrance oils. 

These are bit pricey $9 for a 6 oz bar but it lasts almost 3 months. 
Great and affordable way to try them is to use their specials called: Grab Bag Special.

What's a Grab Bag Special?
1 bag contains whole 2 pounds of soaps that consists of end cuts of the soap loaf. 
And it usually gets on sale for just $10 
But it gets better! Time to time they announce the special Buy 2 Grab Bags get 1 FREE. So this means that for $20 you'll get 6 pounds of soaps! WOW! 

It's an amazing deal and I never miss it! In fact they are having it right now trough 3/5-3/10!  CLICK HERE  to try them out today. 

 This is how they look like. Each bag comes with about 8 random soaps. So it's like getting 24 different soaps just for $20! 

The soaps come in endless design and scents that everyone can find one that they love. My son loves them too and I loooove how he smells after shower. 
Floral, fresh, fruity, oriental woody, citrus, decadent..... you name it... so many scents!!! The beautiful designs make them ideal to gift or just to decorate your bathroom. 

I always have them on hands and it's perfect for unexpected and last minute gifting.
I've tried Lush and many other handmade soaps. Nothing comes close to Primal Elements soaps even ever so popular Lush. 
They make candles and other bath products and I'm planning on trying them out too. 

Remember how everybody who met Oprah say that she smells so good and yet she doesn't use any perfume. She says that she just bathes with soap and her favorite soaps are from Claus Porto
Well these Primal Elements soaps are my way of smelling good. I like to wear perfume also and when I wear a perfume the soaps clean scent doesn't compete, rather compliments the perfume.
I'm always on a hunt for good soaps that make you smell good all day. So please share with me with your HG soaps! 
Thank you for reading! 
Stay Beautiful Inside and Out!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lady Gaga's Oscars 2014 Dress Inspired Nail Design Using Floss

Hi Ladies,
Did you guys watch the Oscars last Sunday? So many beautiful dresses on the red carpet. My inspirations come suddenly, I have no say most of the time.  So the moment I looked at Lady Gaga's dress something came to me. First, White and Metallic combination!!! I never thought of that combination on nails before. Then this intricate metallic curves on her dress.

It's not Lady Gaga inspired.... rather Lady Gaga happen to wear a dress that inspired me.
 I used a dental floss to create this manicure so those of you who don't own a nail brush can still do it.

For accent fingers

Click HERE  to check out the tutorial!

Stay Beautiful In and Out!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Teal and Silver Nail Design For Short Nails+ Giveaway

Hi Beauties!
Got inspired by this beautiful ring and came up with this easy to do nail design.
It's kind of messy, free flowing design just like the ring itself. Nothing have to be perfect to be beautiful. This rings imperfection actually makes it beautiful.


 The tutorial is on my Youtube channel.

You can find products used here:  For Audrey by China Glaze
                                                             Snow White and Trixie by Zoya 

I hope you'll have fun trying it and please enter my giveaway. Details are in the video!

Stay Beatiful Inside and Out!

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